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Latest Scoops

@amyschumer follows @rihanna's lead by opting out of the Super Bowl and NFL in solidarity with Colin @Kaepernick7 and his protests against police brutality.
"Essentially, the president threatened the destruction of the American economy to keep out a few asylum seekers." https://t.co/A6Mbu1vUcI
“I’m Judy. I live in a solidly blue area. even though I know my elected officials are doing everything I want them to do. That’s why I joined this MoveOn's #DailyAction. If I was even able to influence a single voter, I feel like it was a good use of my time."
Tell @realDonaldTrump & the we @GOPknow & w#ItsRiggede're going to . HERE: #VoteThemOut h/t https://t.co/git4PDTH1G@4TaxFairness
Not even snow days can deter our members out in support for endorsed candidate @AngieCraigMN #resistandwin
Thank you, @RepJayapal. How do we #ProtectOurCare & health care for the next generation? End con@GOPtrol of the House on 11/6. Never volunteered before? We'll help you get started: https://t.co/git4PDTH1G
Members of Congress: Here’s the text for your tweet today, “I won’t rest until we defeat Trump’s racist, xenophobic agenda. I’m co-sponsoring @RepJudyChu and @RepZoeLofgren’s bill to #RepealTheBan.” #NoMuslimBanEver: https://t.co/Wd11eYIIHX
400,000+ activists are ready to take action if @realDonaldTrump sabotages #Mueller's #TrumpRussia investigation. Text ALERT to 668366 & head here: https://t.co/stKLh1DCbN
FACT: @RepHultgren voted to take away health care from people with pre-existing conditions, like heart disease. #IL14 #GOTV for @LUnderwood630 & ! #ProtectOurCarehttps://t.co/git4PDTH1G
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