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.@realDonaldTrump caused a #TrumpShutdown over his #TrumpMeltdown over his #TrumpWall. This is outrageous. Congress, do your job, open the government & pass a clean !#DreamActNow
What caused the #TrumpShutdown? @realDonaldTrump’s hate & racism. Congress: , op#DoYourJoben the government & pass a clean !#DreamActNow
In November, you gotta do the right thing. Join the live conversation: https://t.co/wQATYXkA7q #Resist #PowerToThePolls #WomensMarch
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.@lsarsour: Freedom in this country isn't free. Take action at https://t.co/WiGQdiTij6 #Resist the #TrumpShutdown #Resistance
You have an opportunity to make a difference this week. Go to https://t.co/WiGQdiTij6 to take action this week. #TrumpShutdown #Resist
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There are a lot of states to watch this year. It’s going to take all of us to for our country to finally be for the many, not the few. Join the conversation now: https://t.co/wQATYXkA7q #Resist
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Nelini Stamp from @WorkingFamilies: We need women to volunteer. Go to https://t.co/DCvefjJCQG to learn how: #Resist #WomensMarch
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LIVE: Join the Ready to Resist call from Vegas with @WorkingFamilies, @popdemoc, @womensmarch and @PplsAction. - > https://t.co/wQATYXkA7q#DreamActNow#Resistance#TrumpShutdown
Last year, we broke a Guinness World Record with over 60,000 people on this call. Join the live conversation happening now: https://t.co/wQATYXkA7q
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Take action by tweeting to your Senator. Hear (and see) what you should tweet your Senator now: #Resist the #TrumpShutdown
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