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💨 @marcmarquez93  is setting a blistering pace out front! The chasing pack is led by @jackmilleraus  with @FabioQ20  and @maverickmack25  disputing third! ⚔ #AragonGP  🇪🇸


I don't do things HALF-HEARTEDLY. Because I know if I do, then I can expect HALF-HEARTED results. -Michael Jordan

Finally saw #TheJoker  it’s the most disturbing masterpiece I have ever seen. Heavy but great movie. Phoenix is astonishing.

Great to see @CBItweets  echo @CPSThinkTank’s findings on the upfront cost of Labour’s renationalisation programme - people often fail to appreciate quite how huge an intervention this really is, especially because Labour have been so reluctant to engage on the detail

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Episode 24 is here! @japan_rugby  triumph over @Scotlandteam  in a thrilling #RWC2019  decider and @Elmakapelma  was in the stands to witness it. #LandRover  #JPNvSCO  #RWC2019  @LandRoverRugby 

Trump appears to have agreed to Congressional sanctions on Turkey. We don't know what the final version of the sanctions will be but if they are anything like what @LindseyGrahamSC  is proposing they will enrage Turkey. He wants to sanction Erdogan and all his top ministers.

Japan's classic win over Scotland rescues the tournament's integrity | @brianmoore666 

The 1st Nigerian to score more than once in a #WorldCup  match ⚽️⚽️ The 1st Nigerian to score in more than one #WorldCup  edition 🏆🏆 #HBD  to @NGSuperEagles ' @7Myca ! 🎂🥳

Police arrested a teenager after the killing in Bexley, southeast London, on Sunday afternoon