Please turn off the lights on your way out of the stadium #ObserveTheMoon 

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Covid-19: Limited easing of restrictions proposed as pressure grows to reopen Irish economy

Karlin Lillington on why Facebook's free speech claims on Trump's lies are actual nonsense. Do you think the aveage user would get away with spreading disinformation? Spoiler alert: Nope.

As someone who has in the middle of this just as lockdown hit, the glacial pace that the banks were moving in the midst of everything at could have a lot to do with this... ⠀

Oh look: Mattis finally caught up with everyone else.

Privacy measures delayed reporting of 250 Covid-19 cases among Mater staff

Resistance to special classes risks creating ‘segregated’ school system

Let this be a lesson to us all.... check your camera angles. Twice.

I went to the march today in the mission and it was so moving and awesome. Crowded but EVERYONE was wearing a mask, plenty of real distancing despite the crowd. I brushed against three people total in the 90 min i was there in the middle of the throng. It was a beautiful sight.

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What would it take for Republican leaders to admit to themselves that Trump’s loyalty cult is destroying the country they claim to love? @anneapplebaum  asks.