Rough #Monday  ? If only you had gotten that extra 16 minutes of sleep.

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Finally a man on stage brings up the issue of raising boys in 2020! @AndrewYangVFA  discusses how we need to “turn our boys into strong young me #demdebate .”

Cory Booker to Biden saying pot shouldn’t be legalized: I thought maybe you were high when you said it.

“The men of america must stand with the women” says @BernieSanders  on abortion. #demdebate 

Kamala Harris is on fire tonight. Timing is right and she’s speaking powerful about the issues. #DemDebate 

Bernie Sanders: "What we have got to do tonight, and what I will do as president, is to tell the fossil fuel industry that their short term profits are not more important than the long term well being of this planet."

Pete Buttigieg acknowledges the challenge he faces with winning over black voters on debate stage

Despite being the world’s largest oceanic stingray, this species is very rarely spotted alive

"There's a clear opportunity for something to be done, something that bridges the overwhelming amount of unsheltered black folks on the streets of the Bay Area and African Americans in tech," writes @OGpenn  in his latest column reflecting on #AfroTech .

AP FACT CHECK: Claims from the Democratic debate

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Marijuana is legal for the rich is one of @CoryBooker  best points tonight. #demdebate