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Latest Scoops

A new survey shows teens are 'Juuling' in record numbers https://t.co/0HKZWt3Sqw
The Trump administration just abandoned one of its most controversial immigration policies https://t.co/15pFteCWIb
Trump administration ditches fingerprint policy that keeps migrant kids locked up https://t.co/15pFteCWIb
Trump may have found yet another way to kick poor families off food stamps https://t.co/T3ON4v7lfK
“At a time when 20 veterans a day still die by suicide, VA should be doing everything in its power to inform the public about the resources available to veterans in crisis. Unfortunately, VA has failed to do that.” https://t.co/A7ndDurZHM
Martha McSally lost in November. She'll serve in the Senate anyway. https://t.co/yBeacSPmwc
Martha McSally narrowly lost to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in last month’s Senate election to succeed Jeff Flake—but will now get to revive her political career by serving in the chamber for at least two years. https://t.co/yBeacSPmwc
Flynn told a Judge the FBI never tricked him. The White House still says the FBI did. https://t.co/YR3Aq8C1dt
Right-wing groups try, fail to rally support for Michael Flynn https://t.co/tNtA90QWvK
Trump’s White House will have to go green under DC’s new clean energy plan https://t.co/ysubTHc1JU
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