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Hey, Readers! Tell Us What Books Got You Through 2017. https://t.co/sLf2dYxBhu
This New Cookbook Brilliantly Combines Indian Food and Bollywood Films https://t.co/3j8bzV4540
Team Trump Is Slashing Programs That Help Prisoners Adapt to Life on the Outside https://t.co/LyZzIJ5HhE
The EPA Hired a Major Republican Opposition Research Firm to Track Press Activity https://t.co/jtcMGwdMRq
This document now compiles 11 months of authoritarian behavior by Trump. Reading through it is chilling. https://t.co/OD4kkobbFD https://t.co/jIFp0QQEtZ
The United States is now as unequal as Russia. And that’s before the tax bill. https://t.co/xmrpBEfdWQ
"For Trump, if it’s not Fox News then it’s Fake News—and that now means war on a very personal level." https://t.co/N23qW5td26
The Republican tax bill provides huge benefits to people who don’t work. But only if they’re rich. https://t.co/k7uJAoHd4i
The guy who repealed net neutrality caught dancing in video with Pizzagate conspiracy theorist https://t.co/qSLCoRIJD4
Trump’s FCC killed net neutrality, but the first legal challenges are already coming https://t.co/qUnPaagObN
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