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Latest Scoops

The government’s own watchdog says massive poultry companies are exploiting small business loans https://t.co/aEJdGzYliB
These high school kids were all set to protest gun violence—and then this nightmare happened https://t.co/nNsKPvqM6m
A claim just filed in the UK may force controversial data firm Cambridge Analytica to reveal Trump secrets https://t.co/21ogmXZeH2
Steve Mnuchin spent nearly $1 million in taxpayer dollars on eight flights https://t.co/bKTlwQucrU
A federal judge just ruled against the LAPD and delivered a big win for civil rights https://t.co/vr6taCYjaZ
Betsy DeVos wants to eliminate the very programs she thinks will help stop school violence https://t.co/3Tj7uU9PN1
Democrats may seek prosecution of witnesses who misled House Intelligence Committee https://t.co/NaGwTNtv6h
Death, disappearance, and destruction have become a part of everyday life in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico https://t.co/O2up3hEVNO
The people Donald Trump has named to his new wildlife conservation council will make your jaw drop https://t.co/p5AsG26mZN
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Fired Days Before Scheduled Retirement https://t.co/D1PusIQjOp
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