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#elections With the turnout of 2012 difficult to achieve, unconventional ways of getting people to vote need to be closely monitored by observers for possible abuses, says @melkonyants https://t.co/QOs9dxsplN
#elections Tomorrow as Russia votes for the next president, #feminists are torn between two options: a boycott, or a lesser evil
Instead of the compulsory military service for Russian men over 18, Pavel Skorik chose to work at a hospital in St. Petersburg. Photographer @tarasovphoto captured a day with him https://t.co/tzJpOKnit8
#Throwback to 2013 when we asked, who will replace #Putin in 2018? @Svratkin
Ever the man with a plan. "Worst comes to worst, I’ll go work as a combine operator after March 18," Putin said https://t.co/dhzhlokGtw
Looking for something to do this weekend? Moscow celebrates Irish Week for Moscow's Irish and Irish-at-heart
#elections As Russia gets set to vote (or not) tomorrow, don't expect any political upheavals from the periphery this year, says Natalia Zubarevich https://t.co/tA6L6APVaR
#BREAKING Russia has decided to expel 23 British diplomats who must leave Moscow within a week
#elections Putin is no longer the solution to any of Russia's problems — even the problem of picking his own successor, says @GlebPavlovsky https://t.co/K6MFF1jEnE
As part of Italian Design Day 2018, Moscow’s Palisander Gallery is celebrating Italian design with a singular exhibition https://t.co/tv9t0yEOUk
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