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World War II led to the deaths of an estimated 27 million civilian and military Soviet citizens. Today, only nine percent hold Stalin responsible. https://t.co/5eux7whQjO
#Gallery The games continue with Russia's #WorldCup and fans from around the world aren't holding back. Here's a look from around Russia https://t.co/IjQYc4qZzA
#OpEd For Putin, sport is a matter of state importance and one of the tenets of patriotism, writes @AndrKolesnikov
From collapsing churches to forgotten railway tracks and abandoned warehouses, travel guides offer imaginative packages and fresh ways to see Russia https://t.co/mHYnyBNuHv
If you're in Sochi for #GERSWE here are a few wondrous hidden treasures for you to explore https://t.co/N5g96pXvFb
From Pushkin to the Powerhouse, impressionism to Old Believer icons, it's another great cultural weekend in Moscow. Top picks from @amuchnik! https://t.co/hTR5aiCIba
Top court scraps Russia’s de-facto ban on allowing people who live with HIV to adopt children https://t.co/Ssf5CK4AkU
“Extraordinary performances demand additional tests,” head of U.S. Anti-Doping Agency says on Russia's performance in #WorldCup https://t.co/nxgxBQPuAN #doping
Ukrainian filmmaker Sentsov to continue sixth week of hunger strike despite concerns about his health from European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) https://t.co/y2MZL5fWgy
Achilles the Cat, a St. Petersburg native, is turning out to be the official oracle of #WorldCup 2018. Meet more furry fortune tellers here https://t.co/TuAJtCbXB0
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