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#OpEd Do Russians really believe Moscow didn't interfere abroad? In informal conversations, far more people allow for this possibility than recent polls show, writes Denis Volkov @dnsvlkv https://t.co/UFAzsHx6mF
#OpEd Thursday’s high-profile decision in favor of @navalny will inevitably stoke the Kremlin’s desire to get rid of the pesky European Court for Human Rights, writes @Bershidsky
In Photos: A journey by drone along the Moscow river
#OpEd Is communism making a comeback in Russia? Don't confuse left-leaning protest with an appetite for socialist revolution, writes @AndrKolesnikov https://t.co/fqfOcB2bS5
#OpEd The resignation of @meduzaproject editor Ivan Kolpakov is the first case in Russia where a high-ranking man suffered consequences for behavior that nobody had previously questioned, writes Bella Rapoport #MeToo https://t.co/UBsHwA9M9o
In our first episode of #FromRussiaWithNews, New Times editor Yevgenia @albats tells us how crowdfunding came to her rescue after her magazine was handed the “largest fine in Russian media history.” Listen here: https://t.co/FenbYyS2DO
Height difference aside, it's all a matter of perspective... https://t.co/xhfO0q3m5h
To keep Russia's navy afloat, all those thousands of sailors needed to be fed. Here's @JWEremeeva with an updated (and far more delicious) version of the maritime standard Makaroni Po-Flotsky
Don't miss this exhibition of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, two of Russia's most important living artists
In a series featuring Moscow's up-and-coming young artists and how they live and work, we step into the sedate studio of Irina Korina @amuchnik
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