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Check out this week’s #radio guests➡ @TanaSenn @domesticworkers @parentingrelief @NPWF then tune in & discuss using the has#RisersRadiohtag: https://t.co/kfrP0k6t6e
We are excited to be part of #BumpDay, Wed. July 25. It's a day dedicated to healthy bumps and pregnancies, and a day to raise awareness on the need for better maternal health. Share your Bump photo this Wed., & follow the hashtag to learn facts about !#MaternalJustice
When we raise our voices, legislators listen! Which is why we need YOU to let Congress know that maternal health matters by signing our letter supporting #S1112 & add#HR1318ressing our nation's rising maternal death rates. Sign now! https://t.co/MPDKlpFdb7#MaternalJustice
More than 70 organizations, including @domesticworkers, @MomsRising, @PresenteOrg, and more demand that @WellsFargo & sto@jpmorganp financing private prison corps that profit off of the pain & separation of families https://t.co/QUgMhHBRTe#FamiliesBelongTogether#BackersOfHate
This week’s #radioshow we cover the power of real people to make changes at the local level. Our guests this week: @TanaSenn @domesticworkers @parentingrelief @NPWF
Listen in, then discuss w/ #RisersRadio hashtag: https://t.co/kfrP0k6t6e
What’s a “reasonable workplace accommodation” for pregnant workers? Our partners at @VTWomen share information about protections for #pregnant workers in #Vermont. https://t.co/Ujafu0g8Ya
In CA, “the research implies that paid leave for family caregiving may change the way that families care for their aging relatives, with potentially important positive outcomes for aging Americans, their family caregivers, and state and federal budgets. https://t.co/EfEFi8dC8v
#DYK that @WellsFargo and @jpmorgan finance @CoreCivic and GEO Group, private prison corporations that are profiting off the pain and separation of families? They need to STOP now! https://t.co/KEMJZmVzOr #FamiliesBelongTogether #BackersOfHate
Dear @WellsFargo and @jpmorgan: Pull your financing for private prison corps that profit from the pain and trauma of families being separated by Trump’s #zerohumanity policy. Decency should win over profits. https://t.co/KEMJZmVzOr #FamiliesBelongTogether #BackersOfHate
Have U heard? @MomsRising has a #radioshow! Check out our guests @TanaSenn @domesticworkers @parentingrelief @NPWF then LISTEN https://t.co/kfrP0k6t6e ?s use #RisersRadio
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