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Latest Scoops

The Center for Science in the Public Interest - @CSPI 0- helps us separate fact from fiction when it comes to some of our favorite foods! Join #FoodFri tomororw at 1pm ET to learn more!
Got a favorite #doctor? Take a #prescription? You can sort health plans to make sure it covers what you need. Visit https://t.co/DBc9w9qjQg to #GetCovered.
Today is the 5th Anniversary of Sandy Hook. Our hearts are still broken and we are still fighting for #gunsafety. https://t.co/0DkDrNdI3X
Self-employed? Working part-time? Freelancing? Get the health coverage you need at https://t.co/DBc9w9qjQg. Don't delay! The deadline is December 15! #Freelancer #Solopreneur
Immigrant youth can’t wait! You can make a difference today by calling your member of Congress demanding that they pass a clean #DreamActNow. Call for a #DreamAct: 1-888-778-6856
We can't say it enough - health insurance is cheaper than you think! 4.5 million people qualify for savings of $0/month - and 80% of people find a plan for $75/month or less! Head to https://t.co/DBc9w9qjQg NOW before the December 15th deadline! #GetCovered #EnrollByDec15
Be a superhero for #paidsickdays in #Maryland! Urge your state legislators to vote YES one last time https://t.co/xy7oe0CBao
#ForwardOnHB1 #OverridetheVeto
Is coconut oil good for you? We explore this and more on #FoodFri tomorrow Friday 12/15 at 1pm ET
Maternal mortality rates in the U.S. have more than doubled in just the past ten years. We are excited to launch our BRAND NEW Birth & Maternal Health Resource Book, check it out to learn the facts and fight for ! #MaternalJusticehttps://t.co/2iZlozJvEt
Most people can find health coverage for $50-$100 a month. You won't know unless you shop. Visit https://t.co/DBc9w9qjQg to #GetCovered.
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