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Join us in📍Chicago, IL for our Mama's Brunch for Education on Sat., Oct. 20 at 12pm - hosted by us and @Kids_Rising at the @artspubliclife! We will eat, laugh, and discuss ways we can dismantle the #SchooltoPrisonPipeline https://t.co/L89z1VvQrF #Mamas4Ed #JuvenileJusticeMonth
October is National Work and Family Month! We need policies in WA that make it possible for everyone to have strong families--like equal wages, paid leave, & affordable childcare. Read more on how to make it work: https://t.co/4iT0apNqAp
📍Chicago, IL! Join our Mama’s Brunch for Education hosted by us and @Kids_Rising at the @artspubliclife. We will eat, laugh and discuss ways we can dismantle the #schooltoprisonpipeline on Sat, Oct.20th, 2018 at 12PM. https://t.co/Dkok1jBjA4
We want to hear your #ThursdayThoughts about the #radioshow this week - listen in to get the inside scoop on the why certain messages falter where others deliver. Tune in to #RisersRadio to hear what our special guests have to say. Tune in https://t.co/T739VHgMM9
For more discussions on how we can move towards schools where #kidsthrive and how you can help to dismantle the School to Prison Pipeline, follow @Kids_Rising! #juvenilejusticemonth
October is #JuvenileJusticeMonth! We want to help activate moms and families to take action on dismantling the #SchooltoPrisonPipeline and build our collective power. Attend our Mama's Brunch ☕️ at @artspubliclife in CHICAGO, IL - SAT, 10/20 at 12PM. https://t.co/Dkok1jBjA4
Big thanks to @nwlc for sharing this important report, and everyone on Twitter who joined #EarlyEdChat! We’re here every Thursday at 2pmET / 11amPT.
Looking for ways to #GOTV for early learning and other family friendly policies? Check out https://t.co/wbNMDCsWw1 for great resources! #CantWait2Vote #MomsVote #EarlyEdChat
Be a voter, raise a voter! On November 6th, let's bring our voices to the polls in support of our children, their caregivers, and everyone else who helps them thrive! #EarlyEdChat #CantWait2Vote #MomsVote
Q10: Thank you @nwlc for all this great information! Is there anything else you’d like to share from this your new report and beyond? #EarlyEdChat
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