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This may be the worst speech I’ve ever seen.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say today is even stupider than yesterday.

Steve “i’m on bail” Bannon goes full Qanon.

It feels like the president is malfunctioning.... more than usual

What does Leslie Stahl have to do with the Democratic Party?

Did Trump pay more taxes to China than to the United States?


Ted Cruz is going on about how qualified judge Amy is. She’s been a judge since Nov 2017.

Watching dr. Anthony Fauci smackdown Rand Paul is just the moment of zen I needed today

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750 dollars says the presidents large adult son is freaking out

We all owe a huge debt to @JenniferJJacobs  for breaking the Hope Hicks coronavirus story.

I don’t think blaming governor Whitmer for almost being kidnapped is a winning strategy for appealing to suburban women voters