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SLC 2030 is the right choice. Utah is ready, willing and more than able to once again host the world and its extraordinary athletes. Congrats to the Utah team that won this honor to represent the USA.https://t.co/zOjSEPfgZD
In his farewell Senate speech, Senator Hatch charged his colleagues to foster greater mutual respect, pluralism, dignity, comity and unity. His record of legislative accomplishment is unparalleled; his call for greatness is characteristic of this man of vision.
Ann and I join the nation in mourning his passing and in celebrating the greatness of his character that we were privileged to witness. 5/5
Ann & I have been enormously blessed by President Bush’s counsel, generosity & friendship. We have laughed together at his & Barbara’s table & discussed the course of the nation at his library. Every encounter with George H.W. Bush impressed us with both his wisdom & his wit. 3/5
We have ridden alongside him as he spirited his boat in Maine. We marveled at the grace he showed to everyone who he encountered. He was a man in full; being with him brought a fuller measure of life to each of us. 4/5
His resolve helped bring down the Soviet Union, his compassion brightened thousands of points of light, his parenting raised a noble family, and his character inspired a generation. We mourn the loss of a great one. 2/5
No one stood taller than George H.W. Bush, a giant among men. Hero in war, servant in the halls of state, and President of the greatest nation on earth. 1/5
Thankful for Ann, the boys, their wives, their children; thankful for faith, for freedom, for friendship; thankful for parents, ancestors, pioneers, patriots, founding fathers, heroes proved in liberating strife. Thank you God, the Father of All.
My thoughts on the President’s and Secretary of State’s statements on Khashoggi.

Last week, we wept for Major Brent Taylor and his young family. This week, the tragedy of his death is projected upon the hundreds of thousands who, like him, gave their lives, their families, and their future for the country they loved. God bless them one and all.
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