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I concur with the statement from @LindseyGrahamSC
Impressed by the efforts of our local firefighters and first responders fighting to keep communities affected by the Pole Creek and Bald Mountain fires safe. My heart goes out to those whose homes and safety are threatened. #PoleCreekFire
Honoring the selfless heroes and innocent victims whose lives were tragically and senselessly taken on this day so many years ago. #NeverForget
The interest paid last year by American taxpayers on our $21 trillion debt was nearly $300 billion. With a booming economy, we should be shrinking the deficit, not growing it. https://t.co/4SL21FXRJZ
Celebrating Labor Day at Golden Onion Days with my friends in Payson.
Heavy hearts with the loss of a great friend.
In a sea of politicians blown about by polls and passions, John McCain is as immovable as an anchor held fast by rock. He is a hero. He is a friend. https://t.co/kQF4CHZDe9
No man this century better exemplifies honor, patriotism, service,
sacrifice, and country first than Senator John McCain. His heroism
inspires, his life shapes our character. I am blessed and humbled by
our friendship.
The events of the last 24 hours confirm that conduct by highly-placed individuals was both dishonorable and illegal. Also confirmed is my faith in our justice system and my conviction that we are a nation committed to the rule of law.
The equality of the intrinsic worth of every person is a truth fundamental to our national founding and moral order. Here are my thoughts on the one-year anniversary of Charlottesville: https://t.co/9wC4is38q2
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