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Loving Father Of 3 Angels!!! Blessed & Thankful... IG @MrCbooz #cliq #holdat

Latest Scoops

🔥 Art Work By dai.tamura... Check My Last Post To See The Videoclip... #HOLDAT https://t.co/g2twcJwyXk
Shout Out To The Homey dai.tamura For This 💣 Drawing!!! Follow Him To See More 🔥... #HOLDAT https://t.co/1OR3e1qTYT
Had To Flex One Time With All This Art Around Me.. See The Beauty In Everything Ya’ll... #HOLDAT photo cred: my bro @nate_robinson @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/hs0g0x2wUE
Had A Blast Chopping It Up With The Fellas Yesterday!!! Shout Out To @uninterrupted For Putting The Halftime Show Together!!!! #uninterrupted #holdat @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/NWZg7fnRA9
Catch me & the crew right now live on HALFTIME IS @UNINTERRUPTED! #HOLDAT
Catch me and the homies breaking down all of the best & worst moments of the 1st half tonight on HALFTIME Is UNINTERRUPTED right here, live on Twitter. x #RipCity| #LakeShow@CrownRoyal#Holdat
Know It’s Wednesday But I Be Crushing On You Errrrrrday 😆... #HOLDAT🖤 @ Miami, Florida https://t.co/dNHCneHdHA
Huge Shout Out To My Boy @leeoleg1984 For Hooking This Pillow Up For Me.. Make Sure Ya’ll Go Grab Your Own Quick!!!! #thatpillowguy#HOLDAThttps://t.co/ylNEC8LxdW
Everybody Eats... ☝🏽Time For All The Firemen Out There & Shout Out To My Bro For@1MarcoPolo1 Lacing Me With The everybody.eats_ Hoodie!!!! @ M#HOLDATanhattan, New York https://t.co/UUDQswjTRy
Shout Out To My Homey @Famous_Nobodys For The 🔥 Hoody Everyone Been Asking Bout!!!! #HOLDAT 📷: @IpullHoz @ MetLife Stadium https://t.co/d8HfrkRZEL
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