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Me: I really need to wash my hair.
Also me:
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We asked, you answered 💞 Our #KEEPONBEINGYOU survey revealed how many of you feel comfortable in your own skin. Find out: https://t.co/OVZhwt6vci #babesofmissguided
No more dancing to "Single Ladies" for Meghan. The #royalwedding is ON for May 19th 2018! 💍👑👰
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You’re not the grinch, you just don’t want to wear a jumper emblazoned the phrase ‘Ho ho ho,’ and we get that. So we've pulled together an alternative guide to #christmas jumpers. You're welcome ✌️ https://t.co/KSgbZuj4tm #ChristmasJumperDay
Just be you, babe 💓✨⭐️💗✨⭐️ Our ultimate @salemmitchell, taking the world by storm 👊💞✨💞✨ #KEEPONBEINGYOU #babesofmissguided
ATTENTION BABES ✨⭐️✨⭐️✨ This camo jumpsuit has just dropped, just one of our fave 2018 trends landing on site RN 💓💞💞 Shop it here: https://t.co/YkQgwwEXlN
Try not to panic, but there's only 10 days until #christmas! ✨⭐️🎄✨⭐️🎄✨
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FRIDAY GIVEAWAY 💅🏽⭐👑 Wanna win all of this? Just follow us and RT this post to enter! (Ends midnight Mon 18 Dec. T&C's: )https://t.co/tJ8jE2WxOR
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