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Official account of #MissUniverse 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philippines! IG: MissUniverse FB: https://t.co/UpUXZi38h5 Snapchat: MissUniverseOrg

Latest Scoops

Last night on the @GodsLoveNYC #GoldenHeartsAwards Red Carpet. ❤️

Designer: @sherrihill
A wonderful journey for #MissUniverse @DemiLeighNP during her #Unbreakable tour. A special thank you to @thewinkdc for the amazing hospitality and stay while in D.C. 🇺🇸
#MissUniverse @DemiLeighNP is looking forward to supporting @godslovenyc next week at the 2018 Golden Heart Awards Dinner. ❤️ #GoldenHeartAwards

Since 1985, #GLWD delivered 21+ million free medically tailored meals to New Yorkers affected by severe illness.
Thank you #MissUniverse Lebanon Organization, Director @RimaFakih, and Designer Nicolas Jebran for an amazing experience for @DemiLeighNP in Lebanon.

Congratulations to the newly crowned winner, Miss Universe Lebanon 2018 Maya Reaidy! 👑
Miss Universe 2016 is... FRANCE! Watch Iris Mittenaere's highlights while competing for the title. 👑
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#MissUniverse @DemiLeighNP takes her #Unbreakable US Tour to Pennsylvania & West Virginia. 🇺🇸
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This #WorldSmileDay, #MissUniverse @DemiLeighNP is joining @Smiletrain and creating smiles for children living with untreated clefts around the world. 🌎 Learn more https://t.co/dABd5877eb
Guess what day it is... #humpday🐪 ☀️ Meet #MissUniverse @DemiLeighNP new best friend: Mr. Charlie Brown.
Taking it all in! #MissUniverse @DemiLeighNP enjoying the beautiful pyramid views in Egypt. 🇪🇬
Former #MissUniverse 1978 Margaret Gardiner interviews Maggie Gyllenhaal about her role in @netflix film, The Kindergarten Teacher. https://t.co/YYXv8N42MJ
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