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Age Group 16-19 Returned to Work, But 20-24 Didn't, Why? President Biden will not like my explanation.

In the Keynesian macroeconomic theory that was dominant between the end of World War II and the late 1970s, inflation and recession were regarded as mutually exclusive That should have ended Keynesian silliness right then and there, but it didn't.

Biden Comments on the Jobs Report and Gets the Key Message Wrong Thanks to @Hedgeye  for the amazingly accurate cartoon.

The FCC Aims to Stem Robocalls But ATT, Verizon and T-Mobile Say Wait Many if not most robocalls originate overseas. The FCC proposes a cure on Set 28. Three big phone companies seek a delay.

In the Covid-19 Baby Bust Crisis, US Birth Rate Plunged the Most Since the Late 1970s We do have a self-made problem of fewer and fewer workers supporting undeserving and ungrateful baby boomers and public unions freeloaders.

The Psychology of QE is Far More Important Than the Amount of It Interesting idea by @hussmanjp  with hat tip to @EpsilonTheory . It ties into what I said about massive QE doing nothing.

"Blame Inflation" Headlines Try to Explain the Stock Market Selloff With bond yields barely moving having peaked mid-march, writers are making up headlines to match what they believe.

Seven States End All Federally Funded Covid-19 Unemployment Benefits 7 state governors have ended the extra $300 weekly federal pandemic unemployment boost.


I am totally sick of fake-patriot, warmonger as*holes like senators John McCain, Tom Cotton, and Lindsey Graham.

Harvard Professor Says Global Coronavirus Pandemic is Likely Thanks to Jennifer Zeng, @jenniferatntd  for an excellent series of Tweets on the lies, coverups, and cell phone traps.

Cameron - UK -Gone Sarkozy - France -Gone Hollande - France -Gone Hillary - US -Gone Merkel - Germany -Pending Rutte - Netherlands -Pending

Nancy Pelosi's Husband Uses Call Options to Buy Microsoft Ahead of Big Govt Contract If you had knowledge of this deal and made a similar trade, then got caught, you would be fined, lose all your profits, and potentially be thrown into jail.

Third Major Transfer From the Middle Class to the Wealthy For the third time in 20 years, the Fed has targeted the middle class for the benefit of the wealthy.