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#EastEnders' £87m set nearly complete as Polish deli is added to reflect modern London

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Polish / London

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Roll your own joints guys and girls. Its still not safe out here.

A university that does not permit free and open debate is not a university. By this meaure, we don’t have many legitimate universities left in this country. Most are pretend universities. It’s time to shut them down #DefundTheUniversities 

Theres a special place in my heart for girls who smoke weed and rocc little weed accessories and everything is about weed to them n shit.

Instead of merely reacting to the Left, Republicans need a powerful weapon of their own going into November. I propose: #DefundTheUniversities . They have become indoctrination factories. Let’s pull all government funding and let them stand or fall on their own

hi good morning just to remind you the murderers who killed breonna taylor and elijah mcclain hundreds of days ago are still walking free. today would be a great day to arrest them

Roll something and get the day started. When you hear that grinder in the morning, you know its me.

set boundaries for yourself and don’t apologize for doing so

If that first joint you smoke lays your ass back down, don't worry. It happens to the best of em.