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Latest Scoops

Erykah Badu angers fans as she appears to defend R. Kelly https://t.co/1i10f5CGpg
Awards season 2019 is in full swing - here's the full calendar of events https://t.co/oKOXVcOubk
Gemma Collins supported by James Argent after explosive #DancingonIce row https://t.co/ae95IqxJrq
Russell Brand addresses his womanising past in the wake of #MeToo
Russell Brand slammed as 'sexist' as he reveals why he leaves parenting to his wife
Fears for Sinead O'Connor's son, 14, as she reveals he's been missing for 2 days
Russell Brand sparks controversy after revealing 'sexist' views on parenting
Ant and Dec confirmed no-shows at NTA's after 18 year winning streak https://t.co/G76sPAfVez
Ant and Dec seen together for the first time filming for Britain's Got Talent https://t.co/P1g2JYiDYq
Ant McPartlin laughs off recent press attention at BGT auditions https://t.co/4pey85vxzq
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