Here’s everything the Pentagon is putting on hold to concentrate on building Trump's border wall

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Georgia Judge orders voting machines impounded immediately to preserve evidence.

President Trump accused federal law-enforcement agencies run by his own appointees of ignoring his unproven claims of mass election fraud, as his setbacks in U.S. courts continued to mount

‘You have to be interested in this. It is extraordinarily impressive’ — Dr. Fauci returns to the White House podium to discuss the coming COVID-19 vaccines

‘The Flash’ Pauses Production After Positive Covid-19 Test

Mysterious monolith vanishes from Utah desert, object removed ‘by an unknown party’

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Biden hires all-female senior communications team

@LLinWood  FBI could prevent all of this and seems to me should have been on the ground weeks ago helping make sure we can trust the ultimate outcome.

A reminder that more than 6 yrs later, @TheJusticeDept  is still defending the guilty agents who spied on me (and so many others) rather than apologizing and prosecuting or stopping those who did it/are doing it.

Birx says Americans who gathered for Thanksgiving should assume they're infected and get tested.