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Dana Milbank

Syndicated columnist with @washingtonpost and purveyor of fake news. Husband of @anna_greenberg. Father of one. Stepdad of two. Master of none.

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For a man who sees himself as the messiah, President Trump has a lackluster record on Earth.

In the spirit of Nkki Haley, I just informed MSNBC’s@ChrisJansing  that there is no truth to the rumors that I will be replacing @washingtonpost  Executive Editor Marty@PostBaron 

Delightful from @petridishes  on Trump's felicitous conversion into God.

"A personal decision to spend more time with her family."

Netanyahu has no problem interfering in U.S. politics. Let’s interfere in his.


Trump’s White House just revoked the press pass I’ve had for 21 years as part of its broader crackdown on journalists’ access.

Mitch McConnell has been key to helping Russian oligarchs with ties to Putin skirt U.S. sanctions and invest in an aluminum mill in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky. My Sunday column...

They built a cash bar at Trump election night party-- and his supporters are going to pay for it.

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Trump, Fox News et al told the world two border agents were brutally beaten, one fatally, by illegal immigrants. The FBI investigated and found no such thing. As Jonathan Swift wrote: falsehood flies, and the truth limps behind.

I don't necessarily agree with 's approach, but this is beyond anything in the 5 administrations I've covered. No journalist should attend, nor cover, a single presidential event or briefing unless and until Jim's access has been restored.

Russia attacked our country in 2016. It is attacking us today. Its attacks will intensify in 2020. Yet each time we try to raise our defenses to repel the attack, one man blocks us from defending ourselves.

SecState: He didn't do it. Nat'l Security Advisor: He didn''t do it. Deputy Nat'l Security Advisor: He didn't do it. Trump: I did it.

We all have a steak in Devin Nunes’s lawsuit against his cow.