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Plans for undersea communications cables are at a stalemate after the US warned of China's involvement, report says

The US Navy triggered a big explosion near its new aircraft carrier Friday during shock trials.

With tension rising in the Pacific, Australia is preparing to fight alongside the US and on its own

4 ways to solve the problem of Pablo Escobar's hippos — via @InSightCrime 

A US Navy adversary squadron now has a jet with the same camo as Russia's most advanced fighter — via @TheAviationist 

China's latest major military flight around Taiwan suggests Beijing is expanding its combat training — via @SCMPNews 

Watch this plane shoot down drones with a high-powered laser in a first-of-its-kind Israeli military test

New footage shows explosive tests carried out by the US Navy near Florida

The US Navy set off a 40,000-pound explosive to see how its new supercarrier would hold up in a fight

How the US got its pilots home after 2 of its most advanced jets were shot down within weeks of each other


Israel said it didn't mean to kill 42 civilians in Gaza on Sunday, saying it attacked a series of militant tunnels that caused people's homes to collapse

Over 10,000 tear gas canisters have been been fired in Hong Kong's vicious protests, and it could have long-term consequences for the city's health

US Navy evacuates over 80% of USS Theodore Roosevelt crew as nearly 600 carrier sailors test positive for coronavirus

89 former defense officials say they are 'alarmed' by Trump's threat to use the military to end nationwide unrest

A Palestinian journalist who was reporting live from the West Bank says Twitter asked her to delete her tweets

Navy secretary's flight out to an aircraft carrier to bash its fired captain cost taxpayers $243,000

Israeli airstrikes kill 11 children who were enrolled in a program to address past trauma from war

Shocking videos capture massive explosion that just rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut

Indonesia says missing submarine has been found broken into pieces deep in the ocean