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Patriots TEs ranked last in the NFL in receptions and targets in 2019, which highlights how the position is a top off-season priority. @JimNagy_SB  breaks down this year’s Senior Bowl class that Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels saw first-hand in Mobile.

Hi K&J. Thank you for the kind words. On Tom Brady, I agree with you that money isn't the primary factor in whatever unfolds.

Hi Brad. I haven’t heard anything definitive on that situation.

@steved1227  Hi Steve. In a piece from last month, I projected 40% chance of return for Collins, and 20% for Van Noy. Here is the link:

@BrianCeltics1  Hi Brian. Bill Belichick seems as motivated to coach as ever, from my view. So I don’t think this situation would appeal to him at this time.

“Getting traded for a sixth-round pick, I will forever have a chip on my shoulder.” Checking in with Patriots LB @KVN_03  as he prepares for unrestricted free agency for the first time in his career.


Video: On ESPN's NFL Countdown, Randy Moss has a message for the Patriots -- "When you're looking at Tom Brady possibly coming back to be the Patriots quarterback and finish out his career, man, get him some help!"

Video: From coaches film (courtesy NFL), watch Vontaze Burfict (55) deliberately step on Blount's leg after TD.

Julian Edelman explains his hat and why he is wearing it: To show support to Pittsburgh and the Jewish Community.

Question: Do you mind playing in severe cold? Bill Belichick: “I love to play in a championship game. Schedule it wherever you want. We’ll be there.”

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From the lip-reading department: Adam Thielen (yelling in referee's direction, close to Bill Belichick, after Belichick threw challenge flag but had extra time ase Patrick Chung was injured): "That's bull---" Bill Belichick (looking in Thielen's direction): "Shut the f--- up."

Video: Captain Matthew Slater shares some of what he told his teammates after tonight’s loss.