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Senior writer, @POLITICOMag. Editor-at-large, The Agenda. Author of The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era.

Latest Scoops

Lovely @curbed essay about The Swamp, and Florida's ever-resilient people-importation industry. https://t.co/R8T6huumJW via @Curbed
The #StateOfTheUnion address, a boring laundry list of policy proposals on national TV, is a good tradition. #ConfessYourUnpopularOpinion
If you missed THE SWAMP film, stream here: https://t.co/9LWEx8hw9R I lived this story for so long, it was cool to hear the takes of the awesome Maggy Hurchalla, Betty Osceola, @afrankhistory, @eliotkpbp, Leslie Poole, Gail Hollander, @jackedavisfl, @ProfDBrinkley & .@tjvl1066
Chait and I are broken records on this but someone will win the Democratic primary running on the Obama legacy. https://t.co/rrIROlKFyR
If you enjoyed The Swamp on @AmExperiencePBS, and you want the rest of the story, I wouldn't be sad if you checked out the book: https://t.co/IpRoef4EZC
This part of THE SWAMP is what we in the writing business call “foreshadowing.” #EvergladesPBS
this will blow your mind but even though I wrote the piece I did not write the headline
Obama already did a Green New Deal that was remarkably successful--and remarkably unpopular. My latest @POLITICOMag, on how establishment and insurgent Democrats alike are looking back to the stimulus for lessons. https://t.co/oUO8bQefSD
Last year I also wrote about how maybe all of Broward County should be suspended. https://t.co/bo4yWWSClV
Last year I wrote about Sheriff Scott Israel, perfect scapegoat for the Parkland massacre. Today he got suspended. https://t.co/GEO09I2gzR
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