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Senior writer, @POLITICOMag. Editor-at-large, The Agenda. Author of The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era.

Latest Scoops

I chatted with my old FL pal @arishapiro about Broward’s foibles on @npratc. I hear Ari’s a big DC macher now! https://t.co/UZOx9bqOeV
The only reason to dump her after a huge victory would be that she’s an old and off-key voice of the party. But that’s not a crazy reason!
Dull Pelosi take:
- Solid legislator/bipartisan (!) dealmaker
- Brilliant caucus whisperer/fundraiser
- Saved Obamacare
- Awful in public
Did you read my piece on how The Villages could swing FL? DeSantis & Scott won area by 100k votes, election by <30k. https://t.co/AG5julacec
Trump has learned he gets credit for doing stuff through the mere act of announcing he’s doing that stuff. Why bother following through?
I’ll go out on a limb to predict Trump & the GOP will not deliver the criminal justice reforms liberals want. Even though he said he would!
My one thought about Amazon going to NY and DC: Maybe Trump should stop blocking the Gateway project. https://t.co/rTIaE0S4AP
I tried to explain why everything is always so wiggetywiggetywiggetywack in Broward County. https://t.co/wzdhsBZu0H via @politicomag
Trump's southeast regional EPA administrator getting indicted in Alabama is not exactly a man-bites-dog story. https://t.co/O2J5zGS9j5
I wrote about @SherrodBrown’s appeal in Trump country; now he’s thinking about 2020. He could be a contender. https://t.co/oCcpaWyi8f
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