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Maher was pretty bad at field goals last year, too, but hit 6 of 7 from beyond 50 which covered it up. He's been money on XPs for what it's worth.

Expected the Dallas offense to struggle, but the defense? Wow. Bears straight down the field 4 times, 3 resulting in points.

Bears offensive drives tonight: 1. 50 yards - INT at 1 yd line 2. 51 yards - TD 3. 36 yards - FG 4. 68 yards - TD 5. 84 yards - TD

3rd and 10 and you throw a low percentage deep pass down the sideline to a double covered reserve TE? K.

@adamlevitan  @evansilvaI ’ve taken a heartbreaking loss in the playoffs 2 straight years with a great team so I NEED to get it done this year

These are the same people who claim no one actually ever said Lamar Jackson should switch to WR

10 of Week 14’s biggest fantasy questions answered by our Nation team, including Lockett, Njoku and Johnson +

Jets RBs behind Bell past 4 weeks: Bilal Powell: 55 snaps, 24 routes, 23 carries, 6 targets Ty Montgomery: 33 snaps, 13 routes, 8 carries, 4 targets Josh Adams: 11 snaps, 3 routes, 8 carries, 0 targets

Darius Slayton has never caught a pass thrown by Eli Manning in an NFL preseason or regular season game. All 59 of Slayton's regular season targets have come from the hand of Daniel Jones.


Believe it or not, the Browns and Packers have the same record (4-6-1).

Matt Ryan completed 30 of 36 passes for 356 yards, 4 TDs and 0 INT today. The Falcons lost.

Wow. Ravens finished +92 and Chargers +83 in scoring differential and missed the playoffs. Bills -57 and Titans -22 and got in. Unreal.

Bears RBs combined this season: 100 caries, 300 yards, 2 TD Jordan Howard this season: 72 carries, 332 yards, 4 TD

Also, boneless wings are an embarrassment and don’t deserve to be categorized anywhere close to real wings.

NFL. Put someone in a position somewhere who can call down and fix these immediately. This isn't hard. It's really not. #FREECommonSense 

The Washington Post did a 5 year study on fan arrests a few years back. 26 of 32 cities supplying data. Avg arrests per game below:

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The Packers have one of the league's best teams on paper and I don't think you could convince me otherwise. QB and OL are very good (which is huge) and the D is terrific up front, especially after today's edge overhaul. Young CBs have a ton of upside, too.