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Journalist. Investigations into multinational tax avoidance & other things. michael@michaelwest.com.au

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"... Scott Morrison’s US visit in September 2019, Joe Hockey held a $45,000 garden party in which Macquarie CEO Shemara Wikramanayake (etc), were guests" #RevolvingDoors  by @CallumDRFoote 

Westpac knew it was banking for pedophiles. It deliberately chose to allow child abuse. Almost entire media is running a PR show for the bank. Nathan Lynch has the story #auspol 

#MyArtsDegree was in history and languages. Now running a growing digital media business exposing corruption in government and big business ... and stupidity

From NSW Premier to Gaming industry. BOF's close ties with liquor & gaming here at #RevolvingDoors  with @lukestacey_  #auspol 

Stephen Conroy. Straight to gambling lobby 2 months after retiring from the Senate. Close to Packer. Sky News commentator #RevolvingDoors  gaming & liquor with @lukestacey_  #auspol 

"A huge 56% believe democracy is not working – that government is run for a “few big interests”. Case for a federal ICAC irrefutable #QED  #auspol 

We are rolling out a rort a day from the #QED  database (linked below) in support of a Corruption Commission to make politicians accountable #FederalICACnow  #auspol 

A $2.5 billion slush fund designed to buy the next election, as the last. #QED  the case for a federal ICAC

1. PM declares massive cyber threat last week. MSM types it up 2. ASPI - funded by Govt & weapons multinationals - reveals it as a China threat 3. PM announces $270B Defence spend this week. MSM types it up. Who is ASPI? @NewsApac  exposee #auspol