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Uh-oh, you've missed by far the best miniseries of the 80s and on of our best of any decade: Scales of Justice | The New Daily

Bad weather hit all airlines last month, but Qantas cancelled 13.2% of its Sydney-Melbourne flights, more than double Virgin's 6.1% rate.

Qantas - Australia's most cancelled airline (yep - worse than Tiger over the past three months)

One I prepared earlier And it's worsened since then.

Your mobile phone does that and much more.

All @Qantas  flights Sydney-Brisbane tomorrow have disappeared between 8.30 am and 4 pm - at which time economy is $938 one way.


#leadersdebate either Morrison doesn't understand franking credits or he's happy to lie to the nation. No prize for guessing which one.

So it turns out most Australians don't give a damn about climate and the franking credit refund handout heads off towards $11 billion a year.

Oh FFS, your confected outrage is outrageous. You do know the economy is in serious trouble, don't you @MathiasCormann  ? If not, you're clearly not up for the responsibility of a key economic portfolio. Sticking by the budget forecasts, are you?

Gee, that wouldn't be the Angus Taylor who is Barnaby Joyce's little mate, would it? And what exactly were those water licences for and when were they purchased and what was the valuation like compared with the price? Oh, THOSE water licences -

This story is no longer about the posts - it's about exactly who knew and decided to run with the "refer to the AFP" cover up. If you'll "mislead" about a merely dud candidate, you'll lie about anything.

Anyone have a Venn diagram of people attacking kids taking day off school to protest and people happy to take kids out of school for cheaper airfare on holidays?

Would you trust this man with access to your metadata? Journalists' phone calls? Health records? Anything? 'I've kept a very good list': Peter Dutton threatens to dish dirt on Labor amid au pair scandal via