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"we are the only country in the region that has no dialogue with China at a leader or ministerial level" - The New Daily

p.s. probably a coincidence that Kohler starts filing for @TheNewDailyAu  on Monday

“If this is a world where Elon Musk, master of marketing and self-promotion sans pareil, can become the richest man of all times, I’d rather like to get off. Anyone for tulip bulbs?”

Coalition lays groundwork for advertising campaign to spruik workplace relations overhaul

Aside from the FB/WhatsApp issue, yet another example of bubble mania

With or without debt, maintaining IPA's charity status is a nonsense we don't need.

Hopefully they'll start paying their fair share of tax in Australia by then, too. But probably not.

Jealous of those under sail on the harbour now - days don't come any better


"According to one registered nurse with more than 30 years’ experience in aged care, the $1.7 billion that Morrison broke off the funding instrument 'brought the sector to its knees'.”

Now FFS, just call it quits and let them go back to Biloela. The government doesn't have to concede anything, doesn't set a precedent, just that "in the circumstances, there are more important issues" and let it slide.

"Early in the pandemic at the first meeting of Scott Morrison’s national cabinet... according to a source close to the meeting, the states were shocked when the Prime Minister came to the meeting with no quarantine plan" | The New Daily

Did I miss something or was there not a single question for Gladys (or anyone) about the United Airline employee with symptoms allowed out of quarantine to fly home?

Current ICAC inquiry has bigger ramifications than Glad and Daz - this morning is helping expose the whole lobbying industry and the flocks of ex-pollies and bureaucrats who exalt in it.