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RBA: The dog that didn’t bark – twice | The New Daily

@emptycab  There's no reason for stock to die in the paddocks. Farmers should know how much feed they have and sell stock when it's gone. If not, call the RSPCA.

Don't worry, Murdoch's McCrann is still a stage behind in the denial game: Climate change deniers’ new battle front attacked

Molan back in the Senate, Karl back on Today - time to revive Hey Hey It's Saturday?

For a break from horror, here's something to grind you teeth over, going forward

"Many of them, having spent their working lives solely in the public sector, had no idea of how wasteful or bureaucratic the supposedly rational private sector could be" - @1RossGittins  via @smh 

Alarm bells as insolvencies, payment defaults spike | My Business

After a deep dive, it's official: if you say "going forward", you're a goose, a fool, a turkey - or even a politician

Have RBA & Treasury forecasts ever NOT swung back to about trend growth by the end of the forecast period?


#leadersdebate either Morrison doesn't understand franking credits or he's happy to lie to the nation. No prize for guessing which one.

Consider yourself warned - embarrass this government and we'll sool the police onto you. "Suspected whistleblowers targeted by police in Helloworld travel scandal" via @smh 

Extraordinary stuff - ramping up his anti-China stance, joining Trump in dumping on UN international bodies, a middle digit raised to global climate change. Worse than anyone could have imagined. He's gone Rowan Dean. via @smh 

Found it. Make that "all-time" low, companion video for

Economic rationalism often gets a bad rap, but even at the most brutal level, the fortune the Australian government is spending deporting this family v their willingness to contribute to Oz is utterly obscene, unfathomable. As for humanity, just WTF?

So it turns out most Australians don't give a damn about climate and the franking credit refund handout heads off towards $11 billion a year.

Gee, that wouldn't be the Angus Taylor who is Barnaby Joyce's little mate, would it? And what exactly were those water licences for and when were they purchased and what was the valuation like compared with the price? Oh, THOSE water licences -