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Senate Chaplain Barry Black delivers poignant opening prayer to feuding lawmakers at start of #impeachmenttrial : "Help them remember that patriots reside on both sides of the aisle, that words have consequences, & that how something is said can be as important as what is said."

Watching @cnn  for Kobe news and the commercial during the break shows Bryant’s LA @Lakers  co-star and fellow NBA champion @SHAQ .

Schumer keeps going. Amendment 7 is introduced at 11:20pm

"I join you for the first time as a retiree," @PeteButtigieg  tells conference of @usmayors . "It's not without some emotion that I'm standing in front of you, because it was exactly a year ago, on this day & in this place, that we first launched this exploratory cmttee for prez"

More Mayor @PeteButtigieg  on his campaign start 1 year ago today: "I had no big email list, no senatorial PAC. I had a personal fortune amounting to literally thousands of dollars (laughter), and a name that didn't exactly roll off the tongue."

More Mayor @PeteButtigieg : "This is how we can fix things that are broken, with a mayor's-eye view, & a mayor's readiness to fight when we must fight, but a mayor's awareness that we can never get so caught up in fighting that fighting's all we've got." @usmayors 


"The gentleman will suspend!" Dem , on US House floor, plays audio of wailing children in detention. "We have 2,300 babies & kids in detention facilities who were ripped away from their parents. I think the American people need to hear this."

Kavanaugh accuser Deborah Ramirez’s roommate at Yale, Liz Swisher, says she drank often with Kavanaugh — He loved doing “beer bongs,” and loved impressing the guys more than the girls, she tells CNN — and feels he lied about his drinking behavior when he testified Thursday.

Just devastating. Funeral service attendees in Stafford, TX pray over the coffin of Sabika Sheikh, the young Pakistani exchange student killed in the mass shooting at her high school in nearby Santa Fe.

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@realDonaldTrump  says he will release "my biggest statement" yet on the border today or Friday. "This is a big league statement," he tells reporters on South Lawn. "We are going to do something very dramatic on the border."

With @VP  Pence still in chair, Sen@PattyMurray  rips GOP bid to roll back #TitleX  access as "unacceptable" attack on women's health care.

Nancy Pelosi says GOP is rushing through the spending bill beacuse "They really want to get out of town before the March for Our Lives" occurs Saturday, when thousands descend on Washington to demand action on gun control.

A damning summary by Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman: "President Trump’s persistent and continuing effort to coerce a foreign country to help him cheat to win an election is a clear and present danger to our free and fair elections and to our national security."

Important tweet from brother of man whose image was circulated as #Dallas  suspect.