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Political Corr, C4 News; PSA Political Journalist of Year, 2014. 3 RTS awards; author - books on Militant, Scargill, Archer, Hezza, Alex Ferguson. MU fan

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Angela Merkel is now doing a 90-minute press conference before going on her summer holidays. Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg used to do the same. When has Theresa May (or Jeremy Corbyn) ever done that?
If pairing arrangements in the Commons were published in advance wouldn’t make the whole process more transparent and deter any abuses?
See my report for Newsnight from February 1997. Bravely for they BBC, they put it out before polling day: https://t.co/ZuXgS5zZmxhttps://t.co/XqtgYIKAJu
Actually I can think of far worse. A senior Labour official once admitted to me party spent about £500,000 on the 1997 by-election in er, Wirral South, when the legal limit was about £25,000. I should stress this was well before Alison McGovern was the MP for Wirral South.https://t.co/rFjcgtnpqL
Alison McGovern, Labour MP for Wirral South, says Vote Leave offences reported by Electoral Commission today are “one of the worst ... abuses of electoral law in this House’s lifetime”.
The EU Anti-fraud office has cleared Ukip MEP Nathan Gill of accusations that he misused EU funds for Ukip purposes.
Farage says he will “very seriously consider” running for Ukip leader again. That would be his fifth stint, I think
When Theresa May teased Tory MPs about going on a walking holiday in Switzerland this summer, she was greeted by cries of “No” and “Don’t do it!”
Robert Buckland, Solicyor-General & Remainer: “The question of a leadership challenge is out of the window and has been put to bed. If you’d told me two hours ago that this is how we’d end the day I’d have bitten your hand off.... This is a new era, a new chapter.”
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