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Political Corr, C4 News; PSA Political Journalist of Year, 2014. 3 RTS awards; author - books on Militant, Scargill, Archer, Hezza, Alex Ferguson. MU fan

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So was the decision to appoint Charles as next head of Commonwealth by “strong consensus”, as President of Ghana said, or “unanimous”, as Theresa May says? They’re not the same.
@chrisshipitv @Commonwealth18 Quite an achievement by Queen & son. The leaders of 31 republics in the Commonwealth, and Malcolm Turnbull, leader of 1999 Republican campaign in Australia, agree the next head should be future Charles III
The Windrush Generation came here as children, their families invited to the UK. So why did many face deportation? - https://t.co/P5GpyLk3Qc
Theresa May tells Caribbean leaders in Number Ten: “we take this very seriously. I want to apologise to you today. We are genuinely sorry for any anxiety caused.”
Theresa May tells Caribbean delegation in state dining room in Number Ten: “
Theresa May apologises several times to Caribbean prime ministers & high commissioners in Number Ten over Windrush generation, and makes 3-4 statement at start of meeting
I imagine after this fiasco that EU Brexit negotiators will be examine with huge extra scrutiny and scepticism Britain’s pledges on how the Home Office plans to handle EU citizens’ rights post-Brexit
If the Home Office is making all these cock-ups over the Windrush generation, how can they possibly hope to register the more than 3m EU citizens living here? I suspect that this is just a tiny taste of what is to come post-Brexit
Former WRP activists write to Red Pepper magazine urging Vanessa Redgrave to reveal what she knew about sexual abuse of women and girls committed by former WRP leader Gerry Healy, whom Redgrave and her brother Corin strongly defended in the past
Does Russia really “believe” that, as you say, or simply say that? There is a world of difference.
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