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Political Corr, C4 News; PSA Political Journalist of Year, 2014. 3 RTS awards; author - books on Militant, Scargill, Archer, Hezza, Alex Ferguson. MU fan

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Now Observer confirms what I suggested a few days ago - that it would be counter-productive to threaten to block Bercow’s peerage. He’ll just stay on.
Yes, and at least Boris Johnson today was willing to take questions from everyone at the Q&A session rather than sticking to a fixed list as May & Corbyn usually do. May & Corbyn always give the impression of trying to get press questions over with as soon as possiblehttps://t.co/3DaY5jOLU9
Isn’t it counter-productive for ministers to threaten Bercow’s peerage? Surely that will just make him more inclined to carry on even longer as Speaker? Normally peerages are used as bait to persuade MPs to retire
Why do you follow me then?
Editing my film in the cafe in Hastings station for #C4News tonight. I’ll be reporting on Jeremy Corbyn talking Brexit to local largely pro-Remain Labour members
Corbyn takes questions from all main broadcasters in Hastings, except Channel 4 News
Jeremy Corbyn addresses 2-300 Labour activists at party rally in Hastings. By far the majority of the several dozen to whom I’ve spoken here this morning want a second referendum on Brexit, even though Hastings voted nearly 55% for Leave in 2016
Now, however, Conservative MPs rarely die - one death since the year 2000 - and Labour looks the more vulnerable to by-election losses and defections.
If past experience was a guide, Corbyn might expect to win a no confidence vote by the end of this Parliament. Traditionally, governments lose significant numbers of MPs over time. The Wilson/Callaghan and Major governments both lost 10 MPs to by-elections & defections.
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