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Broadcaster & writer. RTS Specialist Jrnst of Year 2014 & 2018. Charles Wheeler/BJR award, 2018. Books on Militant, Scargill, Archer, Hezza, Alex Ferguson.

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Judge returns a school-book to his old school, Manchester Grammar, 53 years after leaving.

@OptaJoe  Forget the Premier League. Does anyone know what the all-time #MUFC  record is for a player scoring in successive away league games?

@arusbridger  @ShippersUnboundMartin  Bashir and now Robert Fisk - both once regarded as journalistic giants of their day. But I’m afraid quite a few reporters of that generation had questionable reputations.

United fans will remember all sorts of games under Ferguson when we won after being 2 goals down - eg. 5-3 at Spurs; 3-2 at Juventus. I checked once and the number of cases was actually very few - about 11 in 26 years. But such comebacks stick in memory.

What an extraordinary report by Ed Thomas on BBC News, on the appalling extra hardship caused by Covid to people who are already poor, lonely, sick and in need. The best of all the Covid reports I’ve seen these last 9 months.

@ChaplinLorra  @Nigel_ FarageI agree that if this had happened to most other British politicians this Farage story would have received a lot more media coverage.

@JohnRentoul  @IndependentIn  1986 when making a TV profile of then Environment minister William Waldegrave, a friend mentioned his main work was a review of local government finance. Sounded very boring, so I didn’t mention it. Waldegrave was, of course, helping to design the Poll Tax.


How cowardly of BBC News not to show Conservative Jenrick dinner video properly because the Tories vetoed it. There’s no way in a million years they’d lose in court - the public interest is obvious.

I’m puzzled. Brexiteers are upset with the Supreme Court judgement. Yet the Government insisted prorogation was nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit. So how can the decision to overturn prorogation harm Brexit?

Senior Conservative MP: "Boris is an f****** disgrace & if he had an ounce of integrity - which he doesn't - he'd have walked immediately."

So England are the first country to win World Cups in cricket, football and rugby.

What shocks me is reporters collaborate with May press team by agreeing to reveal their questions to them in advance

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