Davos Economic Forum

I'll be talking with @AMGreenCBS  of @CBSNews  this morning (~7 AM EST U.S.) about the Davos World Economic Forum @wef ), dueling @GretaThunberg  and @realDonaldTrump  speeches, and what it will take to avert a #ClimateCrisis :

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Davos Economic Forum

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Here is your handy guide to sport on television this week.

From @BernieSanders  : Misconception - that his ideas are radical. Motto - everything is impossible until it happens. #DemDebate 

Moderators: What's your favorite quote that represents you? Bernie: We are in a planetary emergency and only a radical, sustained, transformative overhaul of every aspect of society will bring about a florishing era on the only place in the known universe that harbors life

This astronomer’s ideas forced humanity to consider our planet a ball of rock circling the fiery Sun, and not at the center of the universe.

Charleston was flooded for 89 days in 2019, ~25% of the *entire year* We are quickly moving into an era of irreversible catastrophe on an unimaginable scale. And that... wasn't important enough to talk about tonight? We are in a climate emergency.

Wash your hands. Keep a good supply of essential medicines. Experts tell you how to get ready for a possible coronavirus epidemic.

WUSA9 goes into a DC pub to get debate reaction. This comes from a gentleman who just wants the Democrats to focus on beating Trump: "Arguing about policies right now is like arguing about unicorn meat."

Biden and Buttigieg had a good debate. Sanders under a lot of pressure. Warren too negative. Bloomberg failed to lift his performance. Klobuchar solid but no big moments. And Steyer, well, why is he still in the race? #DemDebate  #DemDebate20202 #DemocraticDebate020

Kokopelli's Trail takes in 142 miles of slot canyons, bluffs, and desert mesas as formidable and astonishing as anything in the parks

Number of new coronavirus cases in South Korea jumps again as 1st US soldier infected

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