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Michael E. Mann

Climate Scientist, Professor & Director of the Penn State ESSC; Author of Dire Predictions, The Hockey Stick & the Climate Wars, and The Madhouse Effect

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@InconvenientTh1  @washingtonpostI 'd be careful of motivated reasoning. The Sanders campaign was quoted in November 2019 saying that Sanders no longer supports climate pricing. He's had ample opportunity to provide clarification, ask for a correction, etc. NONE of that has happened.

"Questions of Management and Policy Amidst Australia’s Bushfire Crisis" | Interdisciplinary panel event at @Sydney_Uni  TONIGHT 6PM at @SydneyLawSchool :

I'm afraid Wellington NZ event isn't going to happen. But will be doing two NZ events: 1) Hamilton NZ (University@waikato , March 27) 2) Auckland NZ (in April--details to be announced soon)

"Low on Snow: Japan's Olympic Cooling Plans on Thin Ice" | I comment for @Reuters  / @NYTimes :

"Fake Science Is a Real Danger: I once thought these scientists were being paranoid. Then I learned about the tobacco, pesticide & climate disinformation industry targeting their research and reputations" | Must-read by @thackerpd  for @WeAreDrilled  News:

A @washingtonpost  op-ed on the limitations of current-generation model-based attribution studies that remains relevant today in discussing climate change impacts on weather extremes (including wildfires/bushfires):

"A Report From Australia as the Populous Abandoned by Their Government Rise Form the Ashes" | My latest interview with @ianmastersmedia  #BackgroundBriefing  via @KPFK  Los Angeles:

Tomorrow (Saturday) evening Feb 29: I talk to Sydney Skeptics (REAL skeptics, not the fake kind!)...


So this is what folks in these parts (southeastern ‘stralia) call an “east coast low”. good news is fires are out. bad news is torrential flooding & bushfire ash flowing into rivers, killing off fish & polluting the water supply. Welcome to dangerous climate change. It’s here.

"Scientists defend Ocasio-Cortez ()'s warning that we have 12 years to avert climate catastrophe" by Joe Romm for / :

Sorry @ScottMorrisonMP , but YOU are the one who 'doesn't know what he's talking about' on climate. Oh, and I'm a #ClimateScientist  so I'm in some position to render this judgment ?

To be clear, take the fossil fuel industry-funded disinformation campaign out of the equation & the climate problem would have been solved decades ago. So don't tell me the problem is hopelessly complicated. Our politics may be hopefully compromised-but that's different matter.

While #climatetwitter  was busy arguing whether "business as usual" fossil fuel burning will yield 3, 4, or 5C warming, we learned that 1C warming appears more than adequate to insure enough West Antarctic melt for 10+ feet of additional sea level rise:

"Predictions are hard. Especially about the future", Niels Bohr is reported to have said. Well back in '82 @exxonmobil  predicted the rise in CO2 & temperature we'd see by 2019 from ongoing fossil fuel burning. They nailed it. Via @kylamandel  @thinkprogress 

This is highly misleading framing @7News Sydney! The unprecedented heat & drought are the primary reason we're seeing such extensive, intense, fast-spreading bushfires across the continent. I'm right here in Sydney for next several months & would be happy to come on and explain!

"How Does a Nation Adapt to Its Own Murder? Australia is going up in flames, and its government calls for resilience while planning for more coal mines" by Richard Flanagan for The @nytimes :

Hey climate change deniers: You're not funny, you're not interesting, and you're not relevant. It's time for you to go away and let the rest of us attend to the tremendous damage you've already caused and the terrible mess that you've already created.

We have ZERO years left to take action. Ten years is (an overly conservative estimate of) when we cross into dangerous territory in the absence of immediate action on climate.