Joe Biden Charlamagne / Trump

President Trump’s reelection campaign is spending $1 million on digital ads highlighting the remarks made by Joe Biden on Charlamagne tha God’s show, saying voters "ain’t black" if they’re voting for Trump.

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Joe Biden Charlamagne / Trump

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He looks soooo damn dumb! Wasting security resources and valuable time to make himself look BIG. He only looks like the small little scared man he is. Anyone who thinks that was a good idea or a powerful moment, log the F off now. #Trump 

Crowd gets angry as police arrest person during KC mayor’s talk with Plaza protesters

@realDonaldTrump  standing in front of St. John’s Church with all white lineup is so tone deaf. This is so misreading the moment, in my opinion.

Donald Trump is essentially telling Americans the beatings will continue until morale improves.

Protesters were teargassed to make way for Trump to have this photo op outside of a boarded up church.

Maybe this will galvanize the country against this dictator. Maybe even some of the "true" conservatives who aren't anything like him. Trump is as dangerous to U.S. citizen as Hitler was to German countrymen.

Canadian para-snowboarder Matt Hamilton has been given a four-year ban for doping.

There will be blood on the hands of every single person who enforces these laws.

Trump never once called for calm, never once called for change, never once said he understood. His holding up the Bible took me aback.

It is truly remarkable the damage that one single human being is capable of doing.