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'Blokes, if your partner tells you no with the caveat that she hasn’t showered, why not let her know that you don’t mind?' https://t.co/IRVzzGddA6
She hopes to get more fat injected into her backside – although she may struggle to find a doctor who’d be willing to do the procedure 🍑🍑 https://t.co/O8aFsljA3Q
‘I wanted to reflect on the Ireland they were born into and the Ireland in which they are becoming adults.’ https://t.co/x8K1Wq9JSq
Oswin was given a 10-month suspended jail sentence at Bradford Crown Court on Thursday https://t.co/mNgAZh7nOV
GRAPHIC CONTENT: The horrific moment a woman was knocked unconscious when a tree fell on top of her https://t.co/8kRKVsIV3q
Travelling England football fans embarrassed themselves once again by throwing beer on passing boats and clashing with police as they gear https://t.co/hzenLpAEJH
The TVV station sparked fury after referring to an African-American teenager murdered by the Austin package bomber as a ‘monkey’. https://t.co/6NAjmnpI6q
'Here we have another example of popular culture stigmatising both mental illness and the institutions designed to treat it' https://t.co/8Gjf7LMFVa
Chidera wants to show that people come in all different sizes https://t.co/xRSky9zEU0
And you thought your friend’s £30,000 wedding was expensive? https://t.co/YSLhbzfnsH
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