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I’m a better person when I’m tan. Thank you to @isleof_paradise  for keeping me that way.

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Keep protesting! (but also allow yourself breaks and escapes because activist fatigue is a real thing and we need you in a week, in a month, in a year...)

One way to educate yourself (particularly if you’re still not sure why we need to say #BlackLivesMatter ) is to pick up a book about racism or Black experiences.

The #coronavirus  upended vacation plans worldwide. However, this may also give those living in Ukraine a chance to explore the country’s touristic gems. Read our guide to #Kyiv ’s parks and gardens here 👉

Nights in Italy 🍷😍 (tw:earthvisuals)

If you are caught in the “All live matter” thinking watch this. We need to be open to our blind spots. Nobody is perfect. We are all an unfinished draft. #Repost  @violadavis  with @get_repost  ・・・ Spot on! Thank…

Terrence Floyd addressed the audience, speaking about how his brother’s name lives on through the changes it has brought to our culture. After a moment of silence, the crowd began a chant of “you are not alone,” filling the plaza with a message of hope.

Department of Justice: Investigate the Killing of Tamir Rice - Sign the Petition! via @Change 

Almost 30 years on from her death, Marsha P. Johnson is getting the attention she was denied when she was alive.