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WATCH: @SteveKornacki  takes a look at mail-in voting across the country. #MTPDaily 

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BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested by the FBI.

4.8 million jobs added—the biggest monthly gain ON RECORD! US

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Instead of addressing the surge in hunger due to this economic meltdown, the Senate is rushing to pass a $740 billion military budget. We need to fundamentally alter our national priorities. It's time to eradicate hunger in America. It's time to increase nutrition support.

Trump on resurgence of virus as cases are spiking in several states: “We are putting out that life because it’s a bad life that we’re talking about.”

The military shouldn't be policing peaceful protests. Period. But if they do, they should identify themselves - something they refused to do at the DC protests. FYI I offered an amendment to require this on the pending defense bill, but Republicans are blocking it. Why?

NYT jumped on Idiot Train denouncing Mt. Rushmore as monument to white supremacy built on land stolen from Native Americans. But NYT building is on land stolen from Native Americans for $24, so they should sell it & give $$ to Lenape Tribe as reparations.

A look at June's HISTORIC jobs numbers: 2.1 million leisure & hospitality jobs 740,000 retail jobs 568,000 education & healthcare jobs 357,000 service jobs 356,000 manufacturing jobs USUSUS