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If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press. Hosted by @ChuckTodd. #MTP

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WATCH: Senator-elect Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.) joins #MTPDaily to discuss whether Democrats should embrace progressivism, and if the midterm elections were a referendum on President Trump.

WATCH: @kasie and the #MTPDaily panel discuss Cindy Hyde-Smith's "public hanging" comment, and how her response exemplifies Trump-style politics

2020 VISION: @kasie examines the ever-growing field of Democratic presidential hopefuls

ICYMI: We may have found the hottest Christmas toy of the year... introducing, the Trumpy Bear! #MTPDaily
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"In the Trump era, there's both a permission structure to say things that are inflammatory and offend people and there is an expectation that you don't apologize if you are on that side because he has warped that into a sign of weakness." —@sahilkapur on #MTPDaily
.@RosenforNevada calls protecting pre-existing conditions and essential health benefits a "pivotal point" in the #Midterms2018.

"People were frightened that they weren't going to get healthcare and afford their prescription drugs."
.@RosenforNevada says she's not worried about Democratic House majority going overboard with subpoenas and imperiling the party in 2020 because the incoming committee heads "really care about protecting our democracy." #MTPDaily
NEW: @RosenforNevada doesn't commit to voting for a partial government shutdown if final House funding bills don't protect special counsel:

"I don't want to make people suffer back at home. People depend on their paychecks, people depend on their Social Security."

"We need to protect the Mueller investigation, we have to let it follow through to its logical conclusion and see where that leads." —@RosenforNevada on #MTPDaily
"The future mold for Democrats, especially in the west and in Nevada, is to be present in our state...we have to go back to our kitchen-table and round-table politics." —@RosenforNevada on #MTPDaily
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