George Conway Loose / Ready / National / Diseased Mental

George Conway Lets Loose: Are We Ready for a 'Full National Conversation' on Trump's 'Diseased Mental State'?

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George Conway Loose / Ready / National / Diseased Mental

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Joe Biden becomes first presidential candidate in U.S. history to surpass 80 million votes

Trump is the 1st President since Carter not to send troops into new conflicts

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'RECALL GAVIN': @ScottBaio  tells @erechenbergtv  "I don't care what Governor Newsom wants, he has no bearing on my life, he's an empty suit who is drunk with power."

Well, well... “Mattis failed to disclose his role with global consultant tied to China in bombshell column” via @WashTimes 

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This is obvious, but a huge part of what Trump's doing now is just making sure he's not seen as the loser he is, because it would be crushing for him personally and politically.

“This election has to be turned around.” That’s what @realDonaldTrump  just said, when he phoned into a GOP election hearing in Pennsylvania. This is a dangerous statement.