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Joe Biden Warns New Appointees They Will Be Fired 'On the Spot' if They Treat Any Colleague With Disrespect

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki Kicks Off First Briefing Touting a Return to 'Truth and Transparency'

WATCH: Bruce Springsteen and Tom Hanks Kick Off Celebrating America Event for Biden Inauguration

Van Jones Fawns Over Biden White House's First Press Briefing: 'There Was a Human and the Person Said Words and the Words Made Sense'

Tucker Carlson: I Would 'Unequivocally Praise' Biden If He Told Twitter to Give Trump and Others Their Accounts Back

Obama, Bush and Clinton Talk Biden Inauguration at Prime Time Event: We Are 'Trying to Come Back to Normalcy’


EXCLUSIVE: Fox News Passed on Hunter Biden Laptop Story Over Credibility Concerns

Captain 'Sully' Sullenberger Urges 'Vote Him Out' in Blistering Anti-Trump Tweetstorm: 'President Has Repeatedly Shown Utter and Vulgar Contempt' for Military

Fox News Correspondent: Two Top Officials Who Were on France Trip With Trump ‘Confirmed to Me Key Details’ of Atlantic Report

Parler Says It Has Removed Lin Wood's Posts Calling For Mike Pence to Be Executed

BREAKING: DC Attorney General Reportedly Looking at Charging Trump for Inciting Capitol Riots

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach Confirms He is a Paid Columnist For Breitbart

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Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin Defends Reporting After Trump Calls For Her Firing: ‘My Sources Are Unimpeachable’