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WATCH: Reporter Asks Jen Psaki for White House Reaction to 'Alec Baldwin Shooting Incident'

Kamala Harris Handles Hecklers From Left at Speeches in New York and Virginia: 'We Will Not be Distracted!'

WATCH: Daily Show's Jordan Klepper Says 'Let's Go Brandon' is 'Good Joke' and 'Clever'

Bill Maher Warns Liberals Will Lose 'The I Want You Dead War': 'They Have Way More Guns And They Know How To Use Them'

MSNBC anchor @AymanM , a veteran foreign correspondent, describes on The Interview his start in the news industry, and why Sept. 11th changed the trajectory of his career.

CNN Claims Biden Spends More Time on 'Personal Travel' Than Trump Had at This Point

Jason Johnson Bashes Kyrsten Sinema Over Absenteeism: 'Waldo and Carmen Sandiego Are Easier To Find'

Jesse Watters Responds to Biden: 'Not a Single Person Has Been Fired from Fox for Refusing to Get Vaccinated. Period.'

WATCH: Things Get Hilariously Awkward When Colbert Asks Dune Stars Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet If They've Read the Book

'Wait, Dave Chappelle Can Have White Privilege?' Bill Maher Mocks 'Woke' Outrage Over Comic's 'Anti-Trans' Netflix Show


Fox News Correspondent: Two Top Officials Who Were on France Trip With Trump ‘Confirmed to Me Key Details’ of Atlantic Report

EXCLUSIVE: Fox News Passed on Hunter Biden Laptop Story Over Credibility Concerns

Captain 'Sully' Sullenberger Urges 'Vote Him Out' in Blistering Anti-Trump Tweetstorm: 'President Has Repeatedly Shown Utter and Vulgar Contempt' for Military

“Did I strike a nerve?!” WATCH: Reps. Val Demings and Jim Jordan got in a screaming match during Tuesday's House Judiciary Committee meeting.

'Bro, Do I Have to Sue CNN?' Joe Rogan Rages at Network and Jim Acosta, Claims They're 'Making Sh*t Up' About His Use of Ivermectin

Bill O’Reilly called it “bullsh*t” that ticket sales for his arena show with former President Trump have been slow. But a Ticketmaster map of the venue shows otherwise (the unsold seats are in blue).

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Parler Says It Has Removed Lin Wood's Posts Calling For Mike Pence to Be Executed