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Reporter Jason Rezaian on 544 days in Iranian jail: ‘They never touched me – but I was tortured’ (@julianborger - @guardian)
Wait, Did Amazon Just Build Their Version of Westworld? No, Of Course Not But… (@hunterwalk)
The FBI Is Dismantling Its War Crimes Unit (@Aaron_Glantz - @ForeignPolicy)
The legacy of the Mars Opportunity rover (@accuweather)
The Battle for Legal Medical Marijuana Hits Malaysia (@vice)
The deadly race to the South Pole (@colemanlowndes - @voxdotcom)
How Brands Can Remain in Control of Their Ever-Increasing Data (@kabir - @adweek)
Oscar 2019 Winner Predictions: Sound Editing (@ephender - @Slant_Magazine)
General Electric's Former CEO, Jeff Immelt, Is Missing An Opportunity (@constancedierickx - @forbes)

The Most Relevant

Why Rabies Still Kills (Melvin Sanicas - @ProSyn)
Vaccines for an Aging Population (Melvin Sanicas - @ProSyn)
TB, or not TB, most neglected? That is the question (Dr Melvin Sanicas - @HuffingtonPost)
Stalking a Killer Fungus (Melvin Sanicas - @ProSyn)
Have We Reached the End of the FM Dial? (@djskee - @billboard)
It looks like Russia hired internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans (@NatashaBertrand - @businessinsider)
4 Billion People At Risk Of Being Infected With The Fastest Growing... (Melvin Sanicas - @HuffingtonPost)
Evan McMullin: Trump's attacks are authoritarian (@brianstelter @Evan_McMullin - @CNNReliable)
What Would a National Emergency Over Gun Violence Look Like? (@jaredbkeller - @PacificStand)
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Promotes Tourism to Myanmar, Where Social Media Enabled Genocide (@thetomzone - @gizmodo)
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