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Jalen Suggs says this is his biggest sports moment since a big sectional football win in high school. So easy to forget he's just a true freshman.

Mark Few: "I don't like to call timeout in that situation."

Headed downtown for the verdict. Everybody: stay strong and stay safe.

Maybe this will be the NFL draft where “you know, his father wasn’t around” becomes “he had a helluva mother and an amazing support system behind him, which is what matters most.”

Helluva shot right there. Wow.

There are two specials (CNN, History Channel) about the Tulsa Race Massacre (Black Wall Street) this weekend. NY Times and other publications have stories on the 100-year anniversary. Don't make this another thing you say you never knew about. You can learn about it this weekend.

I dare you to try that Dame shot in your rec league game this week. It'll go like this:

I don't ever want to be someone who gets access to athletes others don't always get and forget what it was like when I was a young beat writer and players didn't always call me back. Best access I had then was a press conference. Lot of ya'll don't know what you're talking about.

I support the Dame trade request for personal reasons. Four years ago, I was in Portland for work and I tweeted that I needed a haircut. Dame messaged me and told me to go and see his barber. Any superstar who is willing to save a man desperate for a fresh cut deserves the best.


"He had a knife." "He used a counterfeit $20 bill." "He was selling loose cigarettes." "He was playing with a toy gun in the park." "He walked home." "She was driving down to her new job." "She was asleep in her own house." "He complied and reached for his license, registration."

Man, Drew Brees is gonna need his favorite MLK quote in about 48 hours.

No. 1 in the final polls. No. 1 in all the metrics that matter. I think Kansas deserves the 2019-2020 national title, and the banner that comes with it, under the current circumstances. "You never know." I get it. But someone should get the crown. Kansas deserves it.

Black people are still experiencing "for the first time in history" moments and it's 2020. Just a reminder when you decide you're tired of talking about systemic barriers to our collective progress.

I don't care if you're for Kentucky or Texas Tech or neither, but you can't feel good about what's ahead in March after watching the officiating blunders in this game. So many new and tweaked rules. Who cares. Just make the right calls, especially in crucial moments.

To those saying "the kids want to play" in response to concerns about the current state of college sports in a pandemic, I just ask that you also use the phrase "the kids want to get paid" when it's time to talk NIL rules since we're all really concerned about what the kids want.

We’ve had 6 months to think about this but it really feels like college football’s leaders are trying to finish a term paper the night before it’s due.

We went from clearing out an entire arena and suspending the NBA season when Rudy Gobert tested positive to having folks argue you can't stop the World Series, even if a player gets pulled MIDGAME for a positive test. And he HAD to celebrate with his team. We don't have a chance.

It's a good day to remember that Twitter has never paid us. Keep your job today, America.