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Paul Rusesabagina, of 'Hotel Rwanda' fame, left Dubai on a private jet bound for Kigali at 00:19 last Friday morning and wasn't on any wanted lists - says a senior UAE official. Rwandan officials say they received 'international cooperation' in arrest.

RIP George Bizos. An ever-principled fighter for human rights and justice. He died peacefully at his home says his family and SAHETI bursary and scholarship fund.

Head of @AfricaCDC, @JNkengasong  tells me that catastrophic predictions of COVID across Africa were not based on any solid assumptions but on flawed "historical assumptions of the continent"

@geoffreyvs  @RamCNNPutting  aside whether they are 'for show' or not, I have covered elections internationally where the incumbent party or president took power despite overwhelming evidence of a loss, because the institutions of government and courts couldn't withstand them or enabled them.

Despite promises of solidarity on Covid-19, rich countries are snapping up more supply of promising vaccines than they need - consequences could be ‘catastrophic’, say public health experts

Wright brothers did a short flight

At least one priceless archive of San culture and language as told by detainees at breakwater prison was saved in UCT fire. The digitized version:

The big oil debate. Possible oil find in Namibia - a climate change hotspot. Some say it could revolutionize the economy - others believe that the oil should be left in the ground. Fascinating reporting this story - it touches on a lot of big issues.

1. A senior humanitarian official told me that India's vaccine supply to Covax is likely only to resume in June - at best. #KOT 


This graphic of FIFA leadership is extraordinary.

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Anti-corruption protests planned in Zimbabwe today. In the run up to today, journalists,activists and opposition leaders have been arrested and detained. The UN warns government not to use COVID as a cover for repression. #July31 

China's new bridge to connect to North Korea. Cost hundreds of millions and set to open soon

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By questioning coverage of terror attacks, it guarantees media will be talking about terror in this news cycle.

Early Friday, military and police clearing homeless from Johannesburg. #SANDFDeployment  They were firm, but polite. The plan is to move people to shelters across city. Filmed by CNN photog Byron Blunt#21daylockdownSA 

Our reporting on last night was accurate, the banner used in bulletin was not. I contacted CNN for future bulletins. Apologies to all.

I've known journalists targeted by governments & extremists for speaking the truth - sometimes paying with their lives. It's never a joke.

Prince Harry is visiting the Chobe river today. He planted a large Baobab tree with scouts from the Chobe district.