Michael McFaul

In democracies, power is handed over from one leader to the next as a result of free and fair elections. The United States is a democracy.

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The first thing Justice Barrett did was to participate in a campaign event at the White House for the president, eight days before an election that he has explicitly said he expects will turn on her vote.

I can't believe I'm not hearing about female empowerment from all of the advocates of female solidarity tonight. Hrm. So weird. Can't imagine why.

At this point everyone knows Trump and GOP will attempt to use their judges to declare victory even if they lose and that’s just kind of priced in to the analysis.

ACB sworn in by Clarence Thomas. Awesome.

‘The family separation policy is, was, and always will be the brainchild of the Trump administration’ — Do not believe Trump’s lies on family separation, @apiper13  explains

The New Hampshire Union Leader, a conservative-leaning newspaper, has endorsed Democratic candidate Joe Biden for president, despite its century-long history of backing Republicans.

“They let the president do whatever he wants: line his pockets by shaking down the government, shred our democratic institution, destroy the country’s pandemic coping capacity," @chrislhayes  says of Republicans. "As long he gives them judges and justices."

You are free to leave at any time.

The fact you don’t happen to like an outcome does not make the process that brought it about illegitimate when the process was in fact perfectly legitimate. A woman you don’t happen to like is not unqualified bc of your feels when in fact she is very qualified.

Thousands of homes were ordered evacuated in Orange County, California, ahead of a wildfire