Members of the press, stop asking for the release of this (meaningless) transcript of a call ! Complete distraction. KEEP asking for the release of the whistleblower's complaint to the U.S. Congress.

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In less than a week, Britain will hold its third general election since 2015. With Brexit now scheduled to happen by the end of January, the winner will have the responsibility to deliver it, reshape it, delay it, or cancel it altogether

Watch this boomer explain why younger generations are not ’spoiled’ like his peers often say

Stars live violent lives, and the planets around them don't always survive their brutal phases. But for the first time, astronomers have found evidence of a planet that survived a star's transition to death.

I congratulate the Telangana police for their act: K Narayana, CPI tells TIMES NOW. | #CopsKillAccused 

Mathematics and computer science majors significantly out-earn their peers who major in life sciences or liberal arts