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Hoover tower lit up tonight in red to get us all hyped for Big Game tomorrow! #GoStanford #BeatCal !
Trump's anti-globalism rhetoric should not be equated with American decline. My take: https://t.co/rxbcTWKyBM
Despite Trump's isolationism,
dont bet against America yet ! I explain:
My latest @washingtonpost column: China has arrived. That doesn't mean it should dismiss the United States. https://t.co/h5kUXGawkh
Are there any academic studies showing a positive relationship between rising corporate profits and rising wages. Genuinely want to learn. Please post links.
I cant quite make out the Russian here, but do remember these instances of "fake news" from back in the day, esp photoshopped photo on left.https://t.co/n9nnmdSxSG
Love how my critics, especially in Russia, are so worried about the damage Im doing to my 'image,' 'ambassadorial respectability' and 'status' because of things I tweet. Thanks for your concern, but Im doing just fine!
ICYMI: Opinion | Here are some of the craziest fake stories that Russia launched in the past three weeks https://t.co/es4Pronn3x
Oh for heaven’s sake Hank.
Here's the video of the peaceful walkout from Spencer's talk @Stanford. Tell me how this act has anything to do with Hitler & his actions? https://t.co/k1YRuuHhj0https://t.co/yJ8jxYLXS8
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