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Mariana Mazzucato

UCL Professor, Founder/Director of Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose. Author of The Entrepreneurial State; Value of Everything. 4 kids keep me laughing.

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I'll be talking about Mission Economy with @Scaramucci  for @SALTConference  from 4pm BST/11am ET! You can register to watch here ➡️ #MissionEconomy 

Mission-Driven neighbourhoods and cities by me and @Georgia_Gould ⁩ the leader of London’s Camden Council.

Dawn Butler ejected from Commons for saying Johnson has lied repeatedly. Apparently you are not allowed to call other MPs liars (or, as the end if the article explains, stool pigeons!).

Tonight 7pm listen to @BBCRadio4  a radio documentary on the fantastic @GeorgeThePoet . I was interviewed to talk about our discussions, collaboration and his PhD at the @IIPP_UCL . Super inspiring artist dedicated to social and economic change.

Last Saturday @GeorgeThePoet ⁩ edited @guardian ⁩ Guide. Feel blessed to be down as one of his top ten ‘spinners of yarn’, alongside Kendrick Lamar & Zadie Smith and others. Listen to his podcast!

Finally someone talking sense about Brexit....who actually knows what he is talking about.


Wrong again. State investments are behind most new drugs. US National Institutes of Health spend $40 billion/year on drug innovation. Real question is how to make sure that investment is governed for the public interest and not private profit. More info

In bus today heard great summary of Davos: Billionaires telling millionaires how the middle class should live.

Social genius: Saskia, my niece, has organised a game of bingo for the the quarantined retirement home in front of her flat in Amsterdam! No social distancing, only physical.

Bolsonaro is closing down a public microchip factory. Probably because it’s public. More than 90 postgraduates and 12 years experience with 100 contracts with local and foreign companies… about to be profitable. Why? @CarlotaPrzPerez 

Boris says vaccine came from capitalism & greed. Wrong (again) on BOTH. 1. Capitalism? Massive high risk early stage PUBLIC investment 2. Greed? That's what's making things go very wrong. Abandon ideology (and ignorance). My article with @henrylsl 

Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine research ‘was 97% publicly funded’ | Medical research | The Guardian

So many problems come from confusion between short term and long term. For example UKs policy “eat out to help out” in short term looked like it could help the economy, but in the long term is destroying it. It’s a very basic point that could go a long way. This one was obvious.

Problem is not so much lockdown but continued lack of a serious test and trace system delivered through a competent well resourced public health system. Stop using consulting companies: put full weight behind PUBLIC health! Me & @globalhlthtwit  in @ProSyn :