Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters

Proudly serving the people of California's 43rd District in Congress. Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee (@FSCDems).

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Trump put Postmaster DeJoy in charge of the postal service to dismantle the USPS & sabotage vote by mail. New procedures are causing massive delays. Trump & Repubs don’t believe in free & fair elections. They’ll lie, cheat, & steal to stay in power. We’ve got to fight back!

The federal moratorium on evictions has ended. The thought of children and families in danger of being thrown out on the street after a 30 day notice is unconscionable! We cannot let that happen. Republicans, have some compassion! Negotiate in good faith & protect people in need!

Republicans stop stalling! The $600 unemployement insurance has expired! You are playing political games while people are suffering. You didn’t care about spending money on the #GOPTaxScam  but now want to cut benefits when people can’t find work! You’re making this crisis worse!

Trump lives in the WH rent free. Some congressmembers have lived in their offices rent free - the same members now refusing to support rental asst. for families w/ little or no $ during pandemic. How cruel can they be? I’m fighting to force GOP negotiators to stop the bull!

VP Biden has made a historic decision & selected @SenKamalaHarris  to be his VP. I believe that the two of them together will respect & honor our constitution, strengthen our democracy & economy, and work for a good quality of life for our children & families!


So Comey told Jeff Sessions he didn't want to be alone with Trump. Women across the country can relate.

Trump, you incompetent idiot! You sent 18 tons of PPE to China early but ignored warnings & called COVID19 concerns a hoax. You've endangered doctors, nurses, aids, orderlies, & janitors - all risking their lives to save ours. Pray 4 forgiveness for the harm that you're causing!

Is there one brave member of Trump’s cabinet who would move to initiate the 25th amendment to remove him from office? Now is the time to save our country before this would-be dictator takes us all down!

I am a strong black woman. I cannot be intimidated, and I'm not going anywhere. #BlackWomenAtWork 

Melania, we agree. Children are off limits. Tell your husband to #bebest  and go enroll himself in anger management instead of attacking such a brilliant and courageous teenager fighting for climate change. @GretaThunberg  we got your back!

Only a reckless, cowardly, impeached international laughing stock would order a deadly drone strike from a golf resort before running off to a rally to be worshipped by the few evangelicals who still support him. A real President would’ve immediately shared info w/ Congress.

Twitter family, please use the power and influence of Twitter to demand testing, testing, testing!