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Maxine Waters

Proudly serving the people of California's 43rd District in Congress. Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee (@FSCDems).

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Shout out to @GavinNewsom  & @NYGovCuomo ! This is what real leadership looks like. They are kicking ass & doing so w/ empathy & respect, taking care of our citizens while Trump is trying to make us believe he changed his mind about calling the #Coronavirus  a hoax!

My #coronavirus  relief plan puts families, consumers, & workers first. My plan recognizes that so many people in this country are worried about what happens when their mortgage/rent/car payments/bills are due! That's why I'm working w/ the House & Senate to get my plan passed!

Trump’s swipe @Yamiche  is yet another attack on a woman raising serious ?s. Trump can’t stand being challenged by women but he’s especially disrespectful towards women of color. @PBS  Yamiche’s question was legit. Why did Trump shut down pandemic office? Answer: Plain ignorance!

Huge turnout at my CA-43 telephone town hall discussing #coronavirus . 19K+ ppl joined by phone & live stream to hear from @lapublichealth , all 43rd CD school districts, @LAHomeless , @LAFoodBank , @WattsHealthCare , @SBFHC  & @UMMAclinic . More tele town halls to come!

The Senate bailout bill must protect employees! There should be no firings, no layoffs, no cut in pay, no cut hrs, or diminishing health benefits/pensions. The bailout must not increase pay for CEOs, give bonuses, or allow for stock buybacks! America's workers MUST come first.

The $2T passed today doesn’t have all the housing & consumer relief that was in my @FSCDems  plan, but it was important for Congress to act NOW b/c so many people are struggling. Help is on the way & there’s more to come! We won’t stop until we help all Americans thru this crisis!


So Comey told Jeff Sessions he didn't want to be alone with Trump. Women across the country can relate.

Melania, we agree. Children are off limits. Tell your husband to #bebest  and go enroll himself in anger management instead of attacking such a brilliant and courageous teenager fighting for climate change. @GretaThunberg  we got your back!

I am a strong black woman. I cannot be intimidated, and I'm not going anywhere. #BlackWomenAtWork 

It’s not enough for Barr to resign. I want him out of DOJ, disbarred, disgraced, & investigated for obstruction of justice. Barr sabotaged Mueller report, was in on Ukraine plot, & now he wants to free Trump’s criminal friends. In my estimation, they ALL belong in jail!

Only a reckless, cowardly, impeached international laughing stock would order a deadly drone strike from a golf resort before running off to a rally to be worshipped by the few evangelicals who still support him. A real President would’ve immediately shared info w/ Congress.

Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up, lock him up.

I’ve never seen a more insufferable & pathetic group of Senators than those in the GOP. They’ve chosen to strap themselves to a corrupt con man they KNOW is guilty. They’re all cowards. None of them belong in the Senate. They should go home and grow a backbone!