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I'm @ESPN's Senior Fantasy Analyst, the NY Times Best Selling Author of Fantasy Life & founder of @FantasyLifeApp. I'm just as surprised as you at all of it.

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@TheMrGhee Is there video of this? Can you send whatever video and/or photos you have of this to MBFantasyLife at gmail? I’d like to use this on air.
What did your Mom and I say about using potty humor?
As a kid, I absolutely loved the @Globies ... and as a Dad I’ve enjoyed sharing them with my kids. So when they invited me to play with them this Saturday afternoon in Hartford, I said yes immediately. Looking forward to it! If you come to the game I’ll be the slow short one.
In Flacco’s 25 starts over the past two seasons, the Ravens ranked 27th in red zone pass percentage and 30th in yards per play (4.83, only the Cardinals and Bills rank worse). Same time frame Flacco has completed 35.8% of his deep passes (ranking him 34th of 38 qualifiers).
Joe Flacco vs Case Keemun over the last TWO years.
Fantasy impact of Joe Flacco to Denver is.... um... gimme a second.....hold on.... carry the three... let me just adjust this.....almost there.....and.... yeah. As you were.
Agree with this take. Also, expect James Washington & Eli Rogers to be on a lot of sleeper lists come August.

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RT if you made the playoffs.....
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I've played fantasy football for over 30 years. Last night, I had my worst loss ever.
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A team of Andrew Luck, Saquon Barkley, Aaron Jones, Keenan Allen, Adam Thielen, Eric Ebron and then a flex of like Amari Cooper or Corey Davis would have gone undefeated in the regular season. And got destroyed today. Brutal.
Hate hate hate that a game like that ends without KC getting a chance to touch the ball. OT - at least in the playoffs - should be college rules.
And now, a message to those with Todd Gurley on their roster from #TheFantasyShow on ESPN+
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By the way, how can anyone ever argue against Brady as the greatest of all time?
The All IR team is pretty damn good. With Dalvin Cook, Charles Clay & Danny Woodhead on the bench among others. Via
LeSean McCoy walks into BUF's locker room.

Bryce Brown: You again?

(Sighs. Goes and sits with 2nd team).
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