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‘Cat amongst the Phrygians’. Pun of the year so far. Also: what a fella @Labrinth  is, @sodajerker .

Hey @RishiSunak  were you bullied at school by a self-employed kid?

Hi there @OntheBeachUK ! Are @ritchiej19 ’s ts and Cs the ones he was issued with at the time of purchase?

Looks like the outdoor event we had planned is off unless we choose to break the law in a limited and very specific way.

Very shortly talking @OntheBeachUK  on @BBCWatchdog  on @BBCTheOneShow . Also some wedding resolution! See you then!

Loads in about unpackaged packages. It’s really clear: if you buy a flight + hotel or car hire from same provider and no new application within 24hrs it’s a package and subject to the Package Travel Regs 2018. You can’t uncouple it, consciously or otherwise.

Also: membership of a trade body (ie ABTA) means that its code of conduct becomes law under the Consumer Protection Against Unfair Trading Regs of 2008. It’s part of the promise that’s made to you pre-contract, and to go against it could be misleading. #unpackagedpackages 

This really is remarkable. Diversity take to the stage with POWERFUL Black Lives Matter performance | Semi-Finals | BGT 2020 - YouTube

Today’s feelin’: World Beatin’.

Wow! Is that right @ABTAtravel ? Have you removed sec. 2H from your code of conduct?


65% of illegal gas jobs are unsafe. Follow these tips from @GasSafeRegister  to find a Gas Safe pair of hands. Enjoy!

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One more stamp from Costa and Skrtel will qualify for a free cappuccino. #YNWA  #LFC 

So. To be clear. No company policy or membership scheme guidance can take away your rights in law. You don’t have to accept a voucher or credit note in exchange for your holiday or flight. And right now I wouldn’t.

Meet #gizmo , the dog we bought from a puppy farm. He's now in much better shape i'm happy to say. #RogueTraders 

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One of the reasons the travel refund matters: at a time when we are being asked to obey laws old and new, it’s important to show that the same is expected of businesses. Otherwise respect for the law breaks down. #RefundPassengers  #RefundRefusers 

I am getting ready for #roguetraders  with my army of dogs. Dog lovers take note! @BBCWatchdog  Bbc1 8pm Thursday

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No landlord should be able to discriminate against a prospective tenant because they receive benefits. #EndDSSdiscrimination 

BREAKING: an application to injunct tonight’s #roguetraders  has just been thrown out by the high court. It’s the story they tried to ban. Hope you enjoy it.

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