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"The next day, Messing advised the group to follow Pelosi’s lead and use the hashtag #ExposeTheTruth . It’s not clear whether anyone followed her lead."

spring breakers star vanessa hudgens and lakers guard kyle kuzma had dinner at williamsburg's own lilia

rogan: i see a bunch of those, like, big rectangles with a handle bernie: who's the guy who invented that? rogan: who invented that? right, right, i'm supposed to just use that from now on?

in the old days wasps didn't have to use twitter prompts to brag about their family history, everyone just knew

"I liked [1917] a lot and it winning would make film critics angry, so I support that outcome." - @mattyglesias 

if obama or clinton made a "space force" whose logo blatantly ripped off star trek you nerds would love it

when the space force's satellites are obstructed by pakistani countermeasures

is this "eccles" at sundance like marriner eccles eccles?

a certain hashtag is a good reminder that age and not gender predicts left/right political orientation among democrats and everyone at large

criticize someone more successful than you and it's jealousy, criticize someone less successful than you and it's punching down. let's all just be nice to each other :-)


There’s no better synecdoche for the campaign as a whole than Bernie and Warren tearing each other apart over something that may or may not have been said in private while Biden literally said the thing in public and no one cares

the security guard loving biden is more meaningful and informative for why he's in the position he's in than anything he says in the interview

Being a political reporter is so cool, your avi is a screenshot of daytime MSNBC, your header photo is you in a crowd following Susan Collins with your voice recorder in her face, you tweet mostly about your hometown NFL team and the bad gate at Reagan.

Lots of Never Trumpism (especially that National Review issue) was premised on 1. Trump losing and 2. If he won, not governing as a conservative. So when he won and let Heritage do domestic policy and the Federalist Society do judges, the entire project became obsolete

imagine how excited the nixon library was to find a taped phone call where nixon wasn't the most racist

how dare the new york times report on how badly the harris campaign was week before it collapsed

The DoD has directly appropriated about $1 trillion for the war in Afghanistan since 2001. With that much money, you could give $3,035 to every woman earning less than $1.90/day.

John Major is younger than Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden

literally a black working class woman saying "I love you so much" before he gets filleted by obviously skeptical elite liberal opinion journalists. his entire campaign in a nutshell.