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The Great Deplatforming will be (at least at first!) 99% nongovernmental exercises of free-association rights. And I won't like it. Locking "bad" speakers/actors out of platforms and services will inevitably also exclude the non-bad. Dominant cultures will grow more intolerant.

There will be a chilling of speech/action on innocent view-havers. Conspiratorial martyrs will grow more fungus in the shadows (don't @ me, @kmanguward  !). We won't see what many powerful people say.

It's amazing how fast the Arizona Republican Party is turning into the California GOP, with all that comes with it.

"Facing a..trial on Friday at which they would have had to put up or shut up, the president's lawyers abandoned four lawsuits challenging Georgia's election results. It turned out..Giuliani and his associates did not have the guts to face..combat by trial"

And to reiterate what I said on @KennedyNation  tonight, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who both campaigned on criminal justice reform after having not governed that way in the past, can demonstrate their seriousness by commuting sentences every damned day, not just the last one.

"There is simply no common-sense explanation for vaccinating teachers ahead of other high-risk groups if they refuse to return to full-time in-person learning....The Fairfax school system wants the benefits of heroism without taking a heroic action."

Happy show-birthday to the greatest mouth-trumpeteer and sharpest brain in the whole cable biz, America’s alt-girlfriend @KennedyNation ! Taught me everything good I know, and maybe just a little of the bad!

The Chicago Teachers Union, currently on strike, made headlines last month by tweeting: "The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny." That's a popular tactic, as we've seen this past week.


The most terrifying half-tomato I’ve ever had.

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When a news article fulfills your most urgent political desires, and is based 100% on anonymous sources of unstated motivation, be skeptical

The Conservative Hoax Machine tried to smear Dr. Anthony Fauci as a sex criminal. But then the alleged victim recanted, saying that Jacob Wohl had "charmed me into taking money to do this." @NancyRomm  has the goods.

"He shrunk government," says Gov. Kristi Noem, speaking about Donald Trump. The government is nearly $1 trillion larger on an annual basis than it was when he took office. Trump did not reduce, let alone shrink, government.

The positive test rate in NYC has been stable since mid-June—below 1.5%, usually below 1%. Our neighborhood is like 0.5%. They’ve had three months to focus on this one big job of reopening schools. And they have utterly botched it, throwing families of 1 million kids into chaos.

If you escaped the mullahs in Iran three decades ago and became a French or British citizen, you can no longer visit the United States.

Eric Swalwell has received 0% of the vote in 24 consecutive national polls.

Today’s NYT just going for it.

Here is a joint letter signed by Noam Chomsky, J.K. Rowling, David Brooks, @bariweiss , Wynton Marsalis, Salman Rushdie, @kmele , and 140-odd other people, in case anyone's in a mood to argue.

"You cannot break up a cult from the inside," @JRubinBlogger  writes. "You must leave it and then draw others away, compelling them to reflect and shed their delusional beliefs." Forget politics for a moment, let's talk cults -- is that true, cult-wise?