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Head of Content + Director of Social Media for @TheNextWeb @TNWconference @TNWNYC | Ex-UK Government Digital Comms | Twitter Addict | Facebook Super Geek

Latest Scoops

How many of these websites do you remember being a heavy-user of years ago? https://t.co/WFACB7xbGL
Instagram Saved posts now show two different collections as default info. Shopping

h/t @SupraBo_
Facebook Attribution now available to all advertisers https://t.co/WeFeYyM2r9
Google Lens is now active when you use Google Image Search on mobile

- just tap the camera button beneath the image
Video player
The best Twitter reactions to Nick Clegg's shock Facebook hire https://t.co/eIrFvwXF6T
YouTube tweaks its video embeds to include an easy channel subscribe button https://t.co/lcgTARPrOu
.@facebook Journalism Project is joining up with @Storyful to launch a new training program for journalists https://t.co/zCmE5jY6tw
Facebook hiring @nick_clegg makes sense

They desperately need someone with deep knowledge + experience of UK/EU inter-governmental processes, rules, regulations + he probably has useful influential connections

The Q is is whether he'll fit well with the culture inside Facebook
NEW? Facebook lets you add a call-to-action message to promote your Facebook Group

...It showed up when setting up a Facebook Live broadcast. Not sure if it's only for use in FB Live, or across Facebook incl. for Ads
You can now book travel by taking an Instagram screenshot thanks to @easyJet https://t.co/2fmxC0MmAu
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