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Can’t believe I’m writing this.. RIP to Avicii an incredibly talented man.. I had the pleasure… https://t.co/MGfjZm1bLM
It was so funny! Hopefully you feel inspired & support the cam#FeelSuperpaign. Pick up donating pro@PGUKducts like an#Gilletted#HeadAndShoulders fro#OralBm & t@superdrugrigger a donation to @mariecurieuk#adhttps://t.co/vzHjrhMlsZ
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New music Tuesday..Yeh I said it! Coming up I’ve got new @iamcardib with @JBALVIN plus @EllaEyre with @banxnranx and @MOMusic too! Big show tonight get @CapitalOfficial on now! 👊🏽
This guy produced one of my favourite tunes last year ‘Icy Feet’ man like @TCTS wicked session… https://t.co/lZDKdb2wen
Doing my bit for the #FeelSuper campaign. Thanks @FrankieBridge for getting me involved in this amazing opportunity to help raise money for @mariecurieuk. Calling on the rest of you to do your bit @superdrug 1 product = 1 donation #ad @PGUK https://t.co/LIMOVXTNXg
Yes! Great to see you Hun
Thanks for coming down hun
Lovely to see you both!
This is the moment my wife just compared watching Beyoncé in the desert to our wedding night..… https://t.co/tVJ0z4zotZ
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