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A little teaser of what’s to come this Autumn! Hopefully see you soon!
.@FrankieBridge and I are back with the #FeelSuper campaign in aid of @mariecurieuk!! Get involved, buy donating @PGUK products from @superdrug & trigger a donation. 1 product = 1 donation AND check out the song 1 view = 1 donation #adhttps://t.co/J1L0QVBXrH
Incase you missed it..the latest installment of my new series 'Marvin's Room' 1 hour in the mix back to back with @TCTS is available on my IGTV 🙌🏾 @ Shoreditch Grind https://t.co/ieI8qhhmmT
Magic Circle I’m available..just saying.. (well Alaia thinks I am anyway) https://t.co/pYgW24Fa8G
I’ve just updated my Newness playlist @Spotify with 3 new massive tunes! @the1975 on some soulful vibes! @BrunoMars & on @gucci1017some 🔥 & has don@JessGlynnee it again with a wicked brand new vocal on & clic@TooManyZoozk here @KDABEATSto follow https://t.co/yU3qtWSdQv
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I guess we have to now admit that summer is most probably over right?! 😩 What a summer it’s been! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who booked me this summer to play their parties and everyone who came to party! It’s been an unforgettable few months let’s keep it moving!
Big love to @edmsauce for this interview! Link in my bio https://t.co/IIqIZ54hIp
Peace up A town down @ Es Vedrá https://t.co/tiDIY5pWNr
So apparently I just married my best friends ❤️ #theabos @ Es Vedrá https://t.co/LW2kta3aQI
Congratulations to our best friends on their incredible wedding..love wins #theabos @ Es Vedrá https://t.co/4fUbkoXUHg
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