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Is it normal to be scared of your latte? 😱 #MarvelHalloween is coming! (☕: @baristart_mike) #ComicsNCoffee
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Prepare for "Moon Knight" #200 by looking back at the character's first-ever appearance: https://t.co/eSEXBK87M6
What could possibly top this #MarvelHalloween costume? Read on to learn more about this look from "Avengers" #1: https://t.co/Y0atMdOUOj
As close to the devil incarnate as we come, Mephisto is the king of his underworld and is trying to capture souls at any cost. This week on #Marvel101, get ready to make a deal with the villainous Mephisto: https://t.co/uaOT4FLSuY
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Train with Earth’s mightiest heroes during the Marvel Day at Sea as part of a @DisneyCruise vacation! Enter now for your chance to win this epic experience: https://t.co/QmEgS4kKzd
"Marvel's Daredevil" Season 3 showrunner Erik Oleson gets real about Fisk and Dex and what comes next for them (spoilers ahead!): https://t.co/tnpOQwdNvN
Transform yourself into this fearsome feline for #MarvelHalloween! Get the steps for Tigra-inspired makeup here: https://t.co/vXm4Bd8Syn 🐅 #Tigra
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Before you pick up "Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme" #2 this week, get to know the strangest Stranges ever with this look at each alternate-reality #DoctorStrange: https://t.co/NlD5TX3ZZC
#Deadpool's made some questionable decisions in the past when it comes to fighting other Super Heroes, so here's a look at some of the best worst decisions he's ever made: https://t.co/io6S1dlScJ
Here's another round of variant covers for "Uncanny #XMen" #1, featuring art from @thealexrossart, @TerryDodsonArt, @arthuradamsart, and more: https://t.co/MnBjCXBsDy
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